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Morphine was the kind of band whose music spanned across time. During its tenure throughout the ‘90s, when bands across North America were imitating the Seattle sound of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, Morphine’s self-described “low rock” emerged as a real alternative. Morphine was a rock band without a guitar. But to hear frontman Mark Sandman talk or perform on his two-string slide bass, it would be easy to place Morphine back a couple of generations. Sandman seemed as though he would have been right at home hanging out with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in life and find that you have little time for the things that truly satisfy. Even in Fernie, where we like to boast about “Fernie time,” there isn’t always time for our passion. Johnpaul Smith, former Sleeping With Tuesday frontman found himself stuck in that cycle. Sure, he was playing music for a living, but the frenetic pop rock of the local band wasn’t something he could really feed on. What he had was fast food; what he really wanted was a hearty meal.

Even though the members of Hollerado were barely born when Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch first sang “These Are the Daves I Know,” they have a pretty good story about meeting the comedy troupe’s Dave Foley. They didn’t just meet him, but got him in the back of their van and convinced him to be in a music video.

It’s no secret that Fernie-ites love music festivals. Hearing about Starbelly, Shambhala, Nakusp or Kaslo over the summer is a daily occurrence. Are you going? Did you go? I think I saw you at …