Movie Reviews

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood focuses on the trials and tribulations of fictional actor Rick Dalton and his stunt man Cliff Booth, both of whom, after spending years performing in a successful western-themed television show called Bounty Law, have fallen on hard times.

Green Book had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018, where it won the People’s Choice Award. 

Christine tells the tale of Christine Chubbuck, a reporter for WXLT, a small Florida television station, who on July 15, 1974, shot herself on live TV, just a month before her 30th birthday. 

Hollywood seems to have a very difficult time making films and television programs which analyze and criticize the military industrial complex. Does this one make the cut?

It was not until 2017, after a couple of false starts, including a rejected script by Joss Whedon, that Warner Bros finally brought a Wonder Woman movie to the big screen.

Considered to be amongst the greatest action films of all time, will it receive two thumbs up from Andrew - find out! 

A dramatic television comedy debuting in 2000, a story of a single mother and her daughter making it through life.

James Bond, super spy, ladies man and pop culture phenomenon, first appeared in a series of 14 novels written by Ian Fleming (1908-1964) and published from 1953 to 1966. Bond's first appearance in a major motion picture was in 1962 when Fleming's sixth novel, Dr. No, was adapted for the big screen. The film featured Sean Connery as James Bond and Ursula Andress as his leggy, blonde love interest.

Orson Welles (born George Orson Welles in Kenosha, Wisconsin on May 6,1915) was an actor, director, writer and producer who worked in many different mediums, including radio, television, film and theatre. He is perhaps best known for his first film, Citizen Kane, in which he starred as Charles Foster Kane, a wealthy newspaper baron, and his 1938 radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds.

Bruce Campbell is an extremely gifted character actor with a knack for selecting odd, often sci fi – related roles that no “serious” actor would touch. The man has a filmography as long as your arm, which includes movies like Bubba Ho Tepp, where Campbell plays a geriatric Elvis doing battle with an evil mummy in a nursing home, to doing the voice of mayor Shelbourne in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He currently plays the role of retired navy SEAL Sam Axe on the television series Burn Notice.