This October begins with the Libra theme of relationship which deals with the ‘other’ and its balance and harmony. There is an immediate intensity this month that will continue and grow as we move into the most passionate and intense sign of the zodiac, Scorpio.

September will be a very practical month and getting organised after summer is the focus.

July is a month of incredible potential and as potential energy builds to transform into forward momentum, this transformation has been building for a long time.

June shows some opposing themes which is perfect Gemini energy: the moment you think ‘this’ then the opposing thought of ‘that’ will always occur. Gemini rules duality and is all about the intellectual processes of the mind which allows for the conundrums of thought and communication.

This month deals with magnetisation and destiny. Spring brings regeneration of the spirit and being in tune with the divine.

We begin April with a new moon in Aries on April 5 which is also known as the Goddess Moon as it forms almost a perfect horizontal crescent and is considered the beginning of the New Astrological Year. 

This month is ethereal and soothing for all of the signs - a feeling of a dreamlike state where the power of manifestation is pronounced. 

We are still going through the spiritual tunnel astrologically and it will be very beautiful to see what comes of all this.

This month also contains a partial solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse which also occurs over the full moon. Eclipse energy propels a domino effect helping move your life over the next sixth months and truly, throughout the year. January 2019 is TRULY a new year.

The theme this month is all about relationships and communication and a truly immense transformation will occur this month, watch and see how the energy moves. There is a lot of fire mixed with passion, obsessiveness and it might feel decently intense at times.