Happy New Year and may you all have a blessed 2023! By the third week of this month, all planets and asteroids will be in direct motion, rare these last few years putting 2023 to a great start of forward motion. By the hermetic law of “as above, so below” it should be mirrored in our daily life.

November begins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving in tight conjunction through Scorpio opposite the north node conjunct retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Surprises may occur this month. Trust the process as there are forces beyond us that align with our paths. Mars entered its retrograde October 30 and is travelling through Gemini until January 12, 2023.

October is a transformative month with a theme of letting go of sorrow, dissolving into love, conquering the shadow self and allowing for expressions of the divine to come through as we align truth on earth. Many planets end their retrograde this month resulting in forward momentum. Mercury turns direct October 2 in Virgo, Pluto turns direct October 8 at the 26º of Capricorn and Saturn turns direct October 23 at 18º Aquarius.

March is both the end and the beginning of the zodiac cycle. As the Sun moves into Aries, we have the first day of Spring: 03/20, which represents this rebirth.

The Sun travels in the sky with Jupiter and Neptune most of the month bringing loving energy. Jupiter was the planet that ruled the god/the divine until Neptune was discovered. Pisces is also the sign that rules the divine so as previously stated, it’s an incredibly beautiful time on earth.

There was a huge energetic shift that occurred in 2021 and finally, the energy of this month is re-aligned. What a beautiful way to begin a new year and may it continue throughout 2022. It’s been a tough few years for everyone, going through a collective healing on Earth.

Wrapping up the year will be done in style and a sense of magic. The Sun travels in Sagittarius until Winter Solstice, where it enters Capricorn. Winter Solstice is 9h 35 min shorter than Summer Solstice. 

October gives another month of s l o w energy on Earth as many planets continue to travel in retrograde motion. Mercury, the planet that rules communication is also retrograde for most of the month so be extra careful as miscommunication easily occurs during these times. The good news is Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter end their retrograde near the end of the month and November might feel less restrictive.

September has a theme of practicality and organization as the sun travels through Virgo and enters Libra on the Equinox.

The planets and major asteroids that are retrograde at this time are Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, and Mercury goes retrograde 09/27. Recall that retrograde results in an internalization, slowing down, returning to, and review of various themes on earth. I suspect we will continue to have a slow time and possibly another (4th) wave of this virus come October.

For most of the month, the Sun, Uranus, the Moon, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, Mercury, and the North Node are all travelling together in the sky in late degrees of Taurus and early degrees of Gemini, and Neptune travels in the sky with Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom.

April marks the month of initiation, with communication from the heart as the major theme. It marks a new solar cycle and a refreshing time of growth and momentum. Aries is the first energy of the Zodiac and paralleled to the “big boom” of this Universe.

The sun moves in the sky with Venus and Mercury, creating a theme of love on Earth with communication being paramount. Now is a good time to tell people how much you love them.