Gosh, it’s the beginning of July already! It’s been unseasonably warm and dry (especially compared to last year’s cooler-than-usual Spring).

Hopefully you’ve been able to get out on the trail a little, but if not, you’ve left it to a great time. The snow is melting (er ... gone, except maaaybe on shady parts of Heiko’s Trail). Mind you, although it’s a little hot a little early, there’s still water in the creeks for toe-cooling.

Well, winter is officially done, and we’re back to the simplicity of spring / summer adventures. But simple though it may be (at least I don’t generally summer-hike with my probe, transceiver, and shovel), there’s still a few things to keep in mind as we get back out there on dirt.

The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been focusing on a number of key initiatives including Trail Work Procedures, COVID Procedures and communications.