health trends

I set out to do an article on digestion and gastrointestinal health this month but as I began to put together the article, I realized the vastness of the topic and decided just to start with something topical, like probiotics. Probiotiocs are getting a lot of publicity, from their inclusion in major brands of yogurt (and the focus of these yogurts’ ad campaigns), to the exponential growth in research with a focus on the role of probiotics and the potential effects of their imbalance or absence.

Trends in healthcare, particularly alternative healthcare, seem to come and go like wildfire. And like trends in general, some may be more valuable or appropriate than others and it’s up to you to research them before making a decision that may affect your health. I’ll talk about a few of the trends that I’ve noticed in recent months and discuss their validity, which will hopefully give you information that you can apply to other trends as they appear.