I spent 12 years working as a sous-chef at one of the most expensive chalets in Alta, Utah. Besides the top-quality skiing right out the door, the chef and I curated memories using one of the best tools in the world: food. 

Do you remember back in elementary school when you were asked to write “I am” in the middle of the page and you had to write all the things that made you you around it? Daughter, brother, reader, athlete etc. If I asked you to do that today, what words would you write outside of your profession and family roles? What are your current passions? If you have difficulty answering those questions, please know that you are not alone. I often ask people to do this exercise and receive blank stares in return.

To this day I reflect on my Anatomy 400 professor, Dr Robert Steadward who showed us in the cadaver lab how each human body is unique. When we relate this to injury prevention with the plethora of sports available to us in the summer, there are endless options but what can be most helpful are some tricks of the trade and trends in sports medicine that could keep us playing longer and/or harder during the warmer seasons. Here are three favourites:

Event Date(s): 
Monday, May 30, 2022

Mantra Spirit Studio Fernie have a special event this Monday May 30th at 7:30pm to celebrate the New Moon, the Divine Feminine and to empower the new Yurt built out on Dicken Road. 

They will gather and celebrate with a drum ceremony, hold space for each other and sit in circle to come together in high vibration to empower each other. Their New Moon Woman’s circles have been a huge success and they are excited to welcome this new space to help hold ceremony and bring more people together. Showing gratitude to the land and to each other.

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to switch up all of your hygiene/beauty products for something a little bit greener, including wanting to have a little less of an environmental impact, and trying to be a bit healthier. What do body products have to do with environmentalism?

“To sit in solitude, to think in solitude with only the music of the stream and the cedar to break the flow of silence, there lies the value of wilderness.” John Muir. 

If you’ve been following this column in the Fix for the past few months, I’ve been sharing some concepts and opinions around mentorship in the mountains. I wrote about learning how to lay the perfect skin track with my friend Grania, the Queen of the Selkirks (December 2021), I shared that mentorship often is inaccessible by those who need it most (January 2021), and last month I explored some risk management and decision making techniques for backcountry skiing. 

Menopause, the final phase across the life span that we will be discussing. The last big shift we experience in our bodies as females, but unfortunately a shift we may not feel fully prepared for. Most of us are aware of hot flashes, mood swings and the ending of our menstruation, but in my experience a lot of women are not prepared for other changes that can occur, and most wonder why we aren’t educated earlier on. 

We go though our lives with the benefit of only our own perspective. We see our experiences and the experiences of those around us through that one perspective, which makes it difficult to fully understand what the true experience of others is like. As a result, it can be challenging to recognize when equality in health and social care is lacking for other people or even ourselves but us not recognizing it doesn’t make it any less of a concern.