Ralph's garden is a gardener's dream; well-established, metamorphic, an enchanted yard full of za za zoo. And so, one sunny afternoon in June Jesse joins Ralph for homemade iced tea under the shade of an umbrella to talk worms and dirt. To talk about how you can get your garden to look like his.

Event Date: 
Saturday, May 18, 2019
9:00am - 1:00pm

Come to the Community EcoGarden to either swap or sell locally grown seedlings, house plants, perennial divisions, or locally grown and saved seeds. People are welcome to either trade or purchase by donation.

If you have seedlinds or plants please bring them to share! And you are welcome to drop them off early. For more info on this or anything EcoGarden related please email Mary at

There are a lot of plants that do take the tender care of growing from seed to seedling but you may be startled by the number of everyday house and garden plants that take no time at all to grow as they're already well on their way.

Yards become a trap for squandering time, money, and water. So here are some tips and tricks for making your yard more environmentally savvy!

A different look on decay for those coy to compost.