Love is in the air, and for Valentine’s Day the Elk River Alliance would like to showcase some amazing mating strategies of water animals. Most organisms that reproduce sexually display intricate behaviours that allow them to choose an optimal mate. If you’re looking to spice up your love life, consider taking inspiration from nature! Below we divulge the secret sex-lives of the Westslope cutthroat trout, mayflies, and the American Dipper.

The life of a modern fish is becoming increasingly stressful. The already challenging tasks of finding food, reproducing, and avoiding predation are getting more difficult with direct and indirect human activity.

The Elk River is in danger of becoming BC’s entry point for whirling disease; this could have significant impacts on our local trout and hence the $2.7 M/year fishing industry. 

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

Did you know?

Some people build U-shaped rock dams to create pools in creeks and rivers to cool off in the summer. These partial dams are called ‘weirs’ and–while they might look like harmless fun–they can be damaging to the ecosystem.

How are they damaging?