From educating residents on how to lower the risk of wildfire, to reducing the amount of vegetation that could fuel a fire, there are many ways a community can act to keep the threat of wildfire at bay. Now, 10 communities in the Columbia Basin are undertaking such projects with support of nearly $1.8 million provided through a partnership between the Province of British Columbia and Columbia Basin Trust. 

Saturday, May 6th is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and residents across the East Kootenay are being asked to take action to help protect their homes and properties from the risk of wildfire.

“The probability of damaging wildfires has increased in recent years and it’s important that residents prepare themselves and their homes for the possibility that a wildfire will happen near to their community,” explains RDEK Wildfire Resilience Supervisor Terry Balan.

The City of Fernie is welcoming $102,525 in Provincial grant funding to support wildfire-risk-reduction initiatives in our community.

Fernie is one of 13 local governments in the Southeast Fire Centre receiving funding this year through the FireSmart Community Funding and Supports category of the Community Resiliency Investment program.

The funds awarded to the City will be used to assist with education, development considerations, interagency co-operation, emergency planning, cross-training, and FireSmart activities in residential areas.

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, August 25, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm

Building Fernie’s FireSmart Demonstration Forest 

Help Make it Happen!
This is the time of year when wildfires and their devastating effects become top of mind. Pull on your work gloves and join with friends and Fernie Fire & Emergency Services to make our community safer. At the same time, learn how to manage vegetation around your own home to reduce the risk of wildfire losses! The FireSmart Demonstration Forest combines hands-on experience and information that allows everyone to get involved. Small actions can make a BIG difference!