Fernie Film Festivals

REEL Canadian Film Festival Lineup

The REEL Canadian Film Festival is excited to announce the lineup of the 15th Annual REEL Canadian Film Festival! These five films represent the diversity and talent found in Canadian cinema, with a wide range of themes and genres that will interest all film lovers. 

Power of Powder Exhibit at the Fernie Museum, photo by V. Croome

Spring, and March in particular, is a time of awakening, of regrowth and renewal. This year there are two very special reasons to look to the past to help strengthen Fernie’s future.

One question I am asked a lot when talking about one of my favourite things – movies screening in Fernie – is 'Which Film Festival is that?' You're excused for being confused; while Fernie may be an outdoor enthusiasts' paradise, one of our favourite things to do when we head indoors is to watch a movie. As a result we have several regular offerings as well as two major Film Festivals. Let me break it down for you.