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Do you have any idea how many different stores you can buy swimsuits at in Fernie? Five! Times have changed! Now there are so many options, no matter the body type.

Join us in these pages over the next four months as we look more closely at some of the ongoing projects.

The movie focuses on the adventures of Veers, an alien super soldier and amnesiac who, after being captured by her enemies, escaping, and crash landing on earth, begins a quest to figure out who she is while fighting for truth and justice at the same time. 

Freedom. Such a powerful word. One I had to reflect on for several days before I could put any thoughts on this page. Is freedom a physical state, or a mental one? Nelson Mandella has taught us it’s both. And you cannot have one without the other.

Legend has it that after producing the breakthrough hit album The Joshua Tree for Irish rockers U2, Daniel Lanoise purchased a mansion in LA and instead of filling it with furniture and art, he left it sparsely decorated—almost ascetic.

Event Date: 
Saturday, June 8, 2019
5:00pm - 9:00pm

Sample the new summer menu, try the cocktails and enter the prize draw.

Enter to win gift certificates for the Smokehouse, Red Tree Lodge, - A case of ribs or a BBQ gear kit!

The Smokehouse specializes in Cajun-inspired slow-cooked smoked dishes, including pulled pork, marinated tofu, cherrywood-smoked chicken, and applewood-smoked ribs. Every dish is perfectly paired with delicious accompaniments like chipotle and root beer bbq sauce, smoked cheddar and sweet potato gratin, smoked peach and white balsamic vinaigrette and smoked jalapeno and ginger honey.

Stocked Co. offers a package-free refillery with the goal of reducing waste and offering an alternative shopping option in Fernie.

It’s been nearly twenty-two years since that day, and our Editor was curious to see what has changed for this year’s graduates at Fernie Secondary School (FSS).

If you could make a dessert out of happiness and sunbeams, it would probably look and taste a lot like Dan Worth and Wendy Lyn’s Pina Colada-wich.