Fernie Alpine Resort

Photo by Ben Jackman

The start of February marks the halfway point of another ski season at Fernie Alpine Resort. The 50th season has experienced many milestones so far, and even more highlights. We have skied some of the deepest powder of our lives, and marvelled at vistas that others only dream of. With the best yet to come, our Golden Jubilee continues to be pure gold.

The Krazy Karpet

On January 17 at 4:30pm, during one of the biggest snow storms Fernie has seen in recent years, I sat with Ann Amundsen (formally Bowman) to remember the good ol’ days.

Leading up to Alberta Family Day weekend, Fernie received snow daily in small increments, making for some surprisingly sweet turns at Fernie Alpine Resort. As the tourists poured into town, so did the snow and skiing over the weekend was magical. Monday evening brought 17cms of powder, and the long-weekenders were happy but tired.

Griz Days are coming up in a week, and Kevin Giffin - Director of the Fernie Ski Patrol, is pretty excited about all that's going on!

With legendary powder restored and Polar Lift complete, it is time for back to basic mountain fun at Fernie Alpine Resort. Skiing and boarding continues to get better and better each and every day. Most of your favourite lines are filled in and ready to shred!

Winds of Change

Picture 6_4.png
~ Environment Canada, Sparwood weather station

The snow hasn't stopped since our last report, but instead of 70cms in one go, it's spread itself out with 10 or 20cm days here and there and one massive 39cm day just yesterday. Snow is in the forecast today and this evening, followed by a little sunshine and Vitamin D!