Dog Training

Leashes were intended to keep our dogs close to us and moving in the same direction in situations where being off the leash could be dangerous. Leashes keep our dogs safe, so learning how to be comfortable walking on a leash is a critical skill. 

Learning to walk on a leash is a critical skill. Even if you live somewhere your dog can be free, there are times they need to be leashed.  

My criteria for good leash skills are a dog who can walk without pulling and stay on one side or the other without impeding my movement. Like any training, success depends on thorough and consistent practice and clear communication.

Dogs who already pull hard.
This is a great exercise for any dog who already has a strong (pun intended!) history of reward for pulling – getting where they want to go!

Project K9 Dog Training

Project K9 offers professional dog training for Fernie BC and the surrounding areas.

Through humane, professional techniques, we aim to provide a way for you to help your dog to learn behaviours without stress to you (or your best friend!).

This means that when you choose to work with Project K9, you can be assured that your dog will be treated with respect and the training is force free, pain free and aims for long term results through patience and proven techniques delivered following certified practices.

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