It’s a great benefit to have a dog park in your city like we do here in Fernie! We are lucky to have a variety of trails we can take our dogs to, but the fenced dog park is a bonus, especially for visitors who may not be familiar with or confident on our trails. 

How do you know if any dog park is right for you and your dog?

The City of Fernie adopted a new Animal Responsibility Bylaw at the most recent Regular Meeting of Council. The new bylaw is modeled after the BC SPCA’s Animal Responsibility Model Bylaws that promote best practices for a tiered approach to aggressive, vicious, and dangerous dogs as well as provisions for animal welfare, control, licensing, duties of animal owners, penalties, and enforcement.

Like a lot of us, fall is a favourite time of year for most dogs. The days are cooler to adventure outdoors and it leaves them feeling like they can go all day. While we all indulge in the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, why not share some of those yummy goodies with your best pal?

We are spoiled by so many great places to get on the water, some days it’s hard to choose where to go. If you have a dog who insists on joining every adventure, try stand-up paddle boarding together! It’s easier than it looks and here are some helpful tips.

OH Molly! She’s one of those dogs who everyone falls in love with the moment they meet her. She’s a Portugese Water Dog with the kindest eyes and the sweetest soul. She oozes with happiness and love, putting a smile on any stranger’s face.

The featured dog this month is Koda! The smiley red-headed boy who has more friends than he can count on all four paws. He’s humble about it, in fact, he’s the balanced social type who doesn’t have to say hi to everyone but always gets along.

My heart misses a beat. I am stunned to silence. And I quickly look for the reaction of anyone listening to see if I’ve been caught. Luckily not many people in Fernie know my Mother and those that do, not to the extent of remembering all her weird and wonderful phrases that drop out of her mouth like a ton of bricks. Thank God.

There are a few key phrases in life that should generally be avoided if you want to keep your size 10’s out your mouth. “I didn’t know you were expecting!” to a content winter-weighted woman, is the classic example – and one that I’m sure has been inadvertently blabbed by an unknowing (and guaranteed baby free) individual in this slightly confusing and fast moving baby-booming town. But a close second to baby faux pas comes the evil dog offender. In a town filled with child, dog and snow appreciators you have to watch your words on a variety of hot topics.