I recently had a friend contact me about a disturbing email they’d received. The writer of the email purported to have compromised my friend’s account. That they had access to their computer, their email, and their webcam.

What is it and why do you want it?

The tool used to stop unwanted traffic into (or sometimes out of) a network is called a firewall. This is a term borrowed from its original meaning which was literally a wall built to stop a fire.

It’s a new year and optimism is in the air. Don’t let that optimistic air get knocked out of you by a bad boot. Remember the Boy Scout’s motto: “be prepared.”

A couple of years ago a friend and I were having the “best headphones” debate. This is a favourite debater of audio junkies and like best scotch or best mountain bike trail, there’s no right answer.

Virtually every PC comes with virus protection these days. Windows Defender is built in. While not a perfect antivirus (there is no perfect antivirus) it’s pretty solid. 

Picking out the parts to build a new computer, whether it be for gaming or word processing.

How you can protect yourself and your company from an email scam appearing legitimate but asking you to give up private information including your password.

If you have heard about ML, but you don’t understand it and are worried that one day your self-driving car will be taking you to the unemployment office, then this column is for you.

We are all starting to accumulate a great number of files. There are two problems created by this surfeit of files: ensuring they don’t get lost, and finding specific files.