City of Fernie

Congratulations to Fernie’s new City Council! As they prepare for their first meeting this month, we thought we would check in with a few questions to see how they are dealing with the anticipation of their new role, representing the best interests of our community!

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, September 17, 2022
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Join Nic Milligan who is running for Mayor of Fernie, at the Fernie Legion for his campaign kickoff.

Runs from 6pm until 8pm.

Drop-in style event with free pizza available while it lasts! They look forward to connecting with all of you.


I am announcing my bid for a second term as Mayor for the City of Fernie.

This past term has seen enormous challenges and success, I could not have imagined these past four years if I had tried. We started out our first two years recruiting a CAO, then moved straight into supporting our community through a global pandemic.

The City of Fernie is welcoming $102,525 in Provincial grant funding to support wildfire-risk-reduction initiatives in our community.

Fernie is one of 13 local governments in the Southeast Fire Centre receiving funding this year through the FireSmart Community Funding and Supports category of the Community Resiliency Investment program.

The funds awarded to the City will be used to assist with education, development considerations, interagency co-operation, emergency planning, cross-training, and FireSmart activities in residential areas.

The Federal and Provincial Governments have confirmed the City has been successful in securing $1,282,572 in funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, Rural and Northern Infrastructure stream. 

City of Fernie Council approved the 2022 Budget, tax rate and Five-Year Financial Plan at the Regular Meeting of Council held on March 14, 2022.

Following a comprehensive review of the City’s financial position, a 5% increase was established to include the 3.91% required to provide a fully-funded budget, and an additional 1% increase to allocate $81,870 to establish a new Affordable Housing Reserve.

The City of Fernie is pleased to announce the appointment of Brendan Morgan to the position of Fire Chief and Director of Fire & Emergency Services with the City of Fernie.

CAO Michael Boronowski says, “Brendan Morgan has been an excellent leader for the team in the acting role he’s held over the past months. A fire chief of his skill, knowledge, and commitment to the community and organization is a real asset.”

After a thorough analysis of our financial health in 2020 where we saw years of organizational change, gaps in policy and practice, years of staff turnover, and 5-7 years of incomplete financial information, we started 2021 by establishing a budget and work plan that refocused the City on the fundamentals. 

The City of Fernie is experiencing significant challenges in supplies, staffing, and contractors directly related to COVID-19. Expect service disruptions in some areas.

Snow Clearing
All available staff and equipment will be working to clear snow during the forecasted winter storm event, with access to critical infrastructure and emergency services being our first priority.

An Evacuation Alert has been issued for 11 properties in Hosmer after Mine Creek surged again this afternoon.