Whether you’ve been planning avidly since you were age 5, or just getting round to picking a venue, springtime is a period of some serious wedding planning for many – or perhaps just women, regardless of whether they’ve been asked or not.

My heart misses a beat. I am stunned to silence. And I quickly look for the reaction of anyone listening to see if I’ve been caught. Luckily not many people in Fernie know my Mother and those that do, not to the extent of remembering all her weird and wonderful phrases that drop out of her mouth like a ton of bricks. Thank God.

There are a few key phrases in life that should generally be avoided if you want to keep your size 10’s out your mouth. “I didn’t know you were expecting!” to a content winter-weighted woman, is the classic example – and one that I’m sure has been inadvertently blabbed by an unknowing (and guaranteed baby free) individual in this slightly confusing and fast moving baby-booming town. But a close second to baby faux pas comes the evil dog offender. In a town filled with child, dog and snow appreciators you have to watch your words on a variety of hot topics.