BC Wildfire

The District of Sparwood and Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) have issued a joint Evacuation Alert this evening as another day of above-average temperatures, low humidity and wind fueled growth on the Lladnar Creek fire west of Sparwood. 

The expanded Evacuation Alert area covers properties north of Sparwood Heights Drive, including:

The RDEK has issued an Evacuation Alert for 23 properties in the Campsall Rd area west of Fort Steele due to the St Mary River Wildfire N11805. In cooperation with ʔaq'am, has expanded the Evacuation Alert area to include 35 additional properties.

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, August 25, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm

Building Fernie’s FireSmart Demonstration Forest 

Help Make it Happen!
This is the time of year when wildfires and their devastating effects become top of mind. Pull on your work gloves and join with friends and Fernie Fire & Emergency Services to make our community safer. At the same time, learn how to manage vegetation around your own home to reduce the risk of wildfire losses! The FireSmart Demonstration Forest combines hands-on experience and information that allows everyone to get involved. Small actions can make a BIG difference! 

(Columbia Basin) – Wildfire can rapidly destroy homes, communities and lives. To brace against this danger—now becoming more of a risk than ever because of a hotter, drier climate—20 communities are implementing 28 projects that will help them prevent or brace themselves against wildfire. These projects are being supported by $822,406 from Columbia Basin Trust.

When we decided to dedicate the “Gratitude” issue to the BC Wildfires and the many involved, we instantly thought of all of the images we came across over the last few months. We got in touch with the many photographers in our area, from professional to recreational and asked them to share any images they had taken that represented the BC Wildfires to them. Here is a collage from what was submitted, alongside a few words on what was happening while they were taking the shot.

Photo: Mount Broadwood, by David Couse

In response to the extreme fire situation in British Columbia, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is suspending public recreational access to all its lands in the province. This is a precautionary measure in order to minimize the chance of human-caused wildfires in any more of the province, and to contribute to public safety.