Barrie Elliott

Feast For A Cause

Fernie, BC – Get ready for a big food event with heart! The Rotary Club of Fernie is excited to announce Feast for a Cause, happening on May 4, 2024, at the Fernie Community Centre.

Organized by The Rotary Club of Fernie and Culinary Advisor, chef Barrie Elliott from Fernie Catering Co., Feast for a Cause is all about celebrating Fernie’s food scene and our community’s spirit of giving back.

Ok, everyone clam down with your butter boards and listen up. 

Charcuterie is pronounced (shaar·koo·tr·ee).

And it’s not a board with a bunch of expensive adult Lunchables. Charcuterie is actually the craft of salting, smoking and curing meat. Including making sausage, salami, pâtés, and confits.  

But as these irresistible boards have gotten more popular for entertaining at home, the definition has expanded to include abundant displays of meats, cheeses, crudités and accompaniments. 

Never underestimate the potential of an invite to a BBQ or the small things, in this case it was the potential contained in a small smoked chicken wing that did more than just taste good.

With the anticipation of Summer Solstice, Fernie Catering Co. has planned a solstice celebration dinner for you. Each month we will be focusing on something forgeable, fermented or a specific cooking method for you to try out at home, “Fernie Catering Co. Fundamentals” if you will.