Ashley Kristina

November begins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving in tight conjunction through Scorpio opposite the north node conjunct retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Surprises may occur this month. Trust the process as there are forces beyond us that align with our paths. Mars entered its retrograde October 30 and is travelling through Gemini until January 12, 2023.

October is a transformative month with a theme of letting go of sorrow, dissolving into love, conquering the shadow self and allowing for expressions of the divine to come through as we align truth on earth. Many planets end their retrograde this month resulting in forward momentum. Mercury turns direct October 2 in Virgo, Pluto turns direct October 8 at the 26º of Capricorn and Saturn turns direct October 23 at 18º Aquarius.

May we all welcome a blessed 2021 with a moment of intention or a good thought for the well-being of the whole for this upcoming year.

July is a month of incredible potential and as potential energy builds to transform into forward momentum, this transformation has been building for a long time.

June shows some opposing themes which is perfect Gemini energy: the moment you think ‘this’ then the opposing thought of ‘that’ will always occur. Gemini rules duality and is all about the intellectual processes of the mind which allows for the conundrums of thought and communication.