September 2013

In the last essay of Where the Bluebird Sings to Lemonade Springs: Living and Writing in the West, Wallace Stegner says about fiction, “You take something that is important to you, something you have brooded about. You try to see it as clearly as you can and to fix it in a transferable equivalent.”

“She and Shane would be different (because they had before, on so many counts, been exactly that—different).”

This year, I will be both a teacher (at Fernie Secondary School) and a student (in Cranbrook taking weekend classes). I started teaching about a decade ago, so including my years as a student, I have over 25 years of experience in schools. Here are my ten tips for a successful year of high school.

Remember, it is your education

After watching Hal and Joanne on The Amazing Race Canada I was re-inspired by their participACTION “get fit and have fun” mantra from the ‘80s. This also reminded me of the 1972-1992 school gym protocol to determine which badge (excellence, gold, silver, bronze) you would achieve and sew onto your K-Way jacket or Scouts uniform.

Luckily for the youth of today, this protocol has been discontinued and participACTION Canada has refocused on getting more people more active.

Another great summer! My partner spent a nice chunk of it building a mountain bike trail for the kids. Then he broke his ribs demonstrating how to ride the new, soft berms. He went careening over the handlebars and landed on an unfortunately positioned rock. While the ribs were healing he thought he would try cat walking my son’s BMX down main street and cracked his tailbone. It got me to wondering how many visits to the emergency room actually start with the phrase: “Hey kids, watch this.”

I always congratulate those who are retiring, imagine getting to move on after years of hard work. The world is your oyster, travelling, more leisure time, embracing change. However after recently making the decision to retire my little “EA Sports” column I have learnt retirement may not always be an easy decision. One month shy of three years, I hope I have brought a little knowledge and fun to the world of sports.

Dogs vs. Cats?

Meeka relaxes as the sun sets on another Fernie summer day.
Photo by Mike Cotton

This is Marley, fishing the Elk River and giving a kiss to the fish. Marley is 14 and loves the outdoors of Fernie.
Photo by Carolyn Marquis

Portia getting busy rebuilding the West Fernie dyke on a sunny afternoon. She loves to haul the largest rocks possible out of the water with her teeth!
Photo by Sandy L. Musclow

Fernie dogs love the outdoors!

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September is back to school month, which is a big change for school-aged children. But, adults, even those that don’t have young children, also need to tweak their habits in so far as driving is concerned. When the kids head back to school, all of us drivers need to be more aware of where school speed zones start and end. We also need to pay special attention to our responsibilities toward school buses.

The Motor Vehicle Act establishes the maximum speed and time periods allowed in all school zones. Section 147 of the Motor Vehicle Act reads:

As a new mom, I’m already contemplating the options available to us in regards to our child’s education. The more I learn, the more thankful I am to have such a diverse community as the options truly offer something for everyone. With the beginning of the school year upon us, we thought a review of these options would provide a great refresher to those living here and a good resource to those new to Fernie or new to parenthood.

Good luck to all as we head into the school year, students, teachers and parents!

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Fall Fashion

Back to school, crisp mornings, warm days, ripe apples, turning leaves – you can smell the change of the seasons in the air. September has always been my favourite month as the year begins to end. The biking is amazing, using my oven again is quite exciting, and canning in the house tolerable. At the end of this month I will also, once again, get into my garden and prepare a bed for my October planting of fall garlic.

Garden: Planting Fall Garlic
Growing your own garlic is quite easy and garlic from the grocery store does not compare to garlic from your own garden.