September 2011

The fruit pie reigns supreme of all desserts in my opinion and I have a difficult time deciding which pie is my favourite. Big fat plump blueberries coated in lemon and sugar baked to perfection in an all butter crust, just can’t be beat. But then peaches come into season and a peach pie is like no other. Fat chunks of the delicious fruit cut into wedges, also coated in sugar and a touch of cinnamon and lemon make for a most enjoyable finish to any summertime meal.

Hurtling yourself down trails at speed on a two-wheeled self-propelled mechanical device with very little between you and the surrounding environment does seem a little risky at times. However, mountain biking isn’t as dangerous as many people believe. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to manage what risk there is.

Last year I had the opportunity to ride with Nick Dunn on Three Kings, 48 Hrs and Dopamine. I use the term “with” loosely as he was miles ahead as I attempted to find my way down these epic trails (I actually volunteered to shuttle for the last lap on Dopamine). I wasn’t surprised to learn that he was a rising star on the downhill mountain biking scene and was happy to catch up with him again this year as he continues to make a name for himself in the field.

My son sprints down to the water’s edge, shovel in hand, and comes to an abrupt stop. He is surrounded by a quartet of much larger boys at least two, if not five, years his senior. They are not particularly concerned with my son: the sand castle project is well under way and construction will not slow for a new, smaller, arrival. Still, they have noticed his shovel. It is not one of those crappy plastic kids’ ones but has a solid metal blade with a wooden handle. It is left over from my partner’s tree planting days.

As I’m constantly discovering, Fernie has Unsung Heroes hiding in every nook and cranny with surprises in the vast array of facilities, services and community offerings, many of which are unbeknown to the average Fernie resident. This month’s Unsung Heroes sheds some light on a service that I knew very little about. It’s a service that perhaps isn’t talked about, a service that is invariably misunderstood, despite being a service that is invaluable in any community, regardless of size or location.

The Trotsky, Movie Review

Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Devadovich Bronstein) born on August 7, 1879, was one of the chief architects of the Russian revolution, and played many roles in the Bolshevik struggle to spread soviet style communism throughout Russia. He was a soldier, an orator, an author and an exile. In fact Trotsky’s life was so multifaceted and exciting, that it inspired Montreal filmmaker Jacob Tierney to write and direct a film based on his life. Well, sort of.

Black and White Portraits

Allison is one of the few girls who ride dirt jumps in Fernie. You can usually see her at the City jumps with her riding buddy Kerri and the rest of the guys.

Photo by Dylan Siggers

Over the last few years, Al has been building some of the only free ride trails we have in Fernie. Clearly he has spent too much time alone out on the trails. Thanks for all the hard work.

Photo by Nick Nault

September's "Through the Lens" challenged photographers to take Black and White Portraits.

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Even though the members of Hollerado were barely born when Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch first sang “These Are the Daves I Know,” they have a pretty good story about meeting the comedy troupe’s Dave Foley. They didn’t just meet him, but got him in the back of their van and convinced him to be in a music video.

Such is my devotion to the Fernie Fix that in order to ensure my contribution to the “Back to School” issue was fully informed, last year I put my ski-bumming on the backburner - for now - and returned to the academic fold to start a PhD. (Because going to grad school isn’t challenging enough a life move in and of itself, I decided that decamping to New Zealand to study out here would be a good idea as well).

September 6: Hanna tells the story of a 16-year-old girl whose ex-CIA father has trained her to be an assassin. The pair has spent most of her life in northern Finland, isolated from the rest of the world, until he sends her big mission – to kill another agent. A cross between Run Lola Run and the Bourne movies – with a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi thrown in the mix – the film is straight up entertainment that is perfect for back-to-school brains. Saoirse Ronan’s otherworldly quality is put to good use as Hanna, especially as she finds herself a stranger in strange lands.