October 2013

If you've visited Fairy Creek Falls just outside of Fernie, you're in for a treat, as Matheson Falls provides it's own beauty in a lush green environment. A short 20-minute jaunt up the creek, a perfect place to take friends or relatives. Read More...

I am the first to admit that I have not nearly enough paused in the moment and recognized all that I am thankful for, although this year is a little different. As a new mom I regularly look into the large, dark eyes of my daughter and as she smiles and giggles with recognition my heart leaps with gratitude. I know I would do anything for this magical being.

Cats, cats and more cats

Somebody was left out in the rain and is not happy...
Photo by Dann Bush

Storm is the Hosmer Mountain Cat. He aspires to be a volunteer for CARCA (CARCA is the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association, based out of Fernie).
Photo by Alex Millar

Milo & Rio enjoying a daily nap together!
Photo by Stacey Roberts

Trixi, also known as "scaredy cat". Afraid of thunder and strangers. 15 years old, a known heart problem for 8 years but runs like a rhinoceros for fun, like a cheetah to escape (but stands her ground to protect her territory from dogs and other cats). Owns the Silversides.

Storm, Trixi, Wang, Arwyn, Milo, Rio, DC, Farley and Sophie show us their best cat impressions!

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Available at Polar Peek Books & Treasures. Polar Peek will also be at the library, selling books, on Nov 1.

Fernie book lovers! Keep your ears open for an exciting announcement from the Fernie Heritage Library. Because I have never been great at keeping secrets, I will leak stage one of the surprise here. Award-winning novelist and literary celebrity Terry Fallis is coming to town! Mark your calendars in bold: November 1 at 7pm.

Hot List
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Elliott Brood at the Northern Oct. 2
Americanos at Loaf
Meat sweats
Last part of the Yoga Challenge
Pumpkin flavored everything
New Arcade Fire Oct. 29
Costume selfies
New ski gear and movies
Wolf packs
Renting a room
Making your own charcuterie with your autumn kill
Homemade apple cider

Fall and Winter Fernie Fashion Forecast

You only have to walk the length of 2nd Ave to see every second window advertising one race or another. The race scene is everywhere and there is an abundance to choose from, whether you’re a 65yr old taking up a new sport, a 30yr old downhill bike fiend, or a 4yr old child who can’t as yet tie your own running shoes. In short there really is something for everyone.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Changes in your friendships are occurring. Make sure to be honest with yourself and your friends right now and enjoy the healing benefits of a true friend. You are changing on the inside and your life is changing on the outside. It is only natural that your relationships change as well, as you are ready to befriend people who mirror your interests and ambitions.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


At the Fernie Kids Triathlon, a calm and collected child turns her attention towards the excited adult but continues to saunter out of the transition zone.

“Follow the pylons...go!”

Suddenly, there is a change in her demeanour, as if only now she has realized she is in the middle of a race. She takes off at a speed that will be impossible to sustain over the two-kilometre run. Never mind. A well-lived life is full of flat out sprints towards an invisible goal.

Shannon Lyon is one of the most talented and accomplished musicians you may have never heard of. With ten albums under his belt, a host of stage-sharing credits that includes Blue Rodeo and Bruce Cockburn, and even an interview with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC’s Q, you might be thinking – how am I just hearing about this guy? Well, I know I am, but after interviewing bands for pretty close to a decade, it’s kind of embarrassing to not know about someone with this kind of pedigree.

It is difficult not to notice the hustle and bustle of October. Last rides are sought, wood is split and stacked for the winter, kids are in full extra-curricular swing, and conversations begin to turn toward snow. Fernie is very much a seasonal town, which also means that many people at this time of year are challenged to find work. My hope in writing to you in the next months is to provide some insight into the process of finding, getting, and keeping a job.