November 2013

Despite the weather taking a slight nosedive, October did not disappoint in ensuring an action packed sporting calendar. Covering a range of events, it just goes to show how dedicated Fernie is at making the most of every last bit of blue sky. Or just donning a wetsuit and battling the elements regardless.

Our lives truly are the sum of our memories, so as we collectively age, it becomes more and more imperative to retain the memories we already have (as well as the memories that we're holding onto for our ancestors) and continue to effectively make new memories of our day to day lives. The ability to generate memories peaks when we're quite young, and so as we navigate our way through adulthood, we have to work harder and harder to remember things that occur around us, particularly as we are inundated with distractions such as noise, pollution, our other thoughts, and our electronic devices.

As the snow makes its journey to town, first atop mountains, then dusting our trails, and finally landing and (and hopefully staying) in our yards, our outdoor pursuits begin to shift. While many are keen to get on the snow bike or adorn burly, studded tires, others reach for Gortex runners, a pair of gators and perhaps some light weight snowshoes to explore the fresh winter wonderland on foot.

Matt Damon (full name Matthew Paige Damon) was born on October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He first came to the movie-going public’s attention when, in 1997 he starred alongside his childhood friend Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting, the screenplay for which he wrote with Affleck. Since that initial success he has gone on to star in many excellent films including The Talented Mr. Ripley, Dogma, The Rainmaker, Bourne Identity, The Departed and The Good Shepherd.

Hot List
Hashtaging everything
Fernie Black Friday Nov 29
DIY Wreath making at The Green Petal (call them to sign up)
Winter tire swap
New people in town
Red and green everything in the grocery stores
A fresh toque
Commit clothing online
Rose gold
Winter menu at The Northern
Knitted headbands
Stealing your kids’ Halloween Candy
Arriving early for the Ski Swap
CFL halftime show

A Frank and Honest Discussion: Fashion Footwear in Fernie.

As a child I would sometimes be awoken in the middle of the night by blood curdling screams. I was told these were the sounds of my fathers World War II nightmares. Eventually, I learned to burrow further into my pillow and go back to sleep.

Over the last five years I’ve been a board member of the Fernie & District Historical Society, and while I have learned a lot about Fernie’s history I’ve also witnessed first hand the hard work and passion that goes into sharing it. Mike Pennock has been the face of the Fernie Museum since it reopened its doors in 2004, but his involvement goes far beyond appearances. As Mike slowly begins to back away from his position at the museum, we wanted to learn more about his role in helping us all remember.

As with many previous Novembers, we will soon see an influx of new faces into Fernie. Some of the new faces will be from other locales within Canada, but many will come from outside the country. As a lawyer in Fernie, I get inquiries often about whether I can help non-Canadian citizens stay in Canada legally. Unfortunately, Canadian immigration law is not something I know very much about… until I decided to write about this subject for the Fernie Fix that is!

Upgrade iPhone

The new iPhone operating system (OS) is out. Version 7.0.2 as of today (mid October). I’ve had more than a few grocery store aisle conversations about this latest update from Apple for their device line. I thought I’d take a few minutes this month and talk about upgrading your device – or not. What to do if you decide to update. And what to do if you want to get a new phone.