May 2011

Break a Leg

Like many others whose hearts are now firmly in Fernie, I made my way there from elsewhere. I grew up in Ireland, spent several halcyon years ski-bumming in the Kootenays, then Immigration kicked me out so I moved out to New Zealand and went back to school. Well no, I’m being overly dramatic in describing my ejection from Canada. I wasn’t deported or anything: my visa ran out and, the variances of the Working Holiday Scheme being what they are, I wasn’t able to renew it. So! Onwards to New Zealand, for now at least.

The Stokie and Morris two Fernie names that go back generations with many stories behind them. Part Stokie and Morris, it’s not surprising that Kim is not only passionate about the community, but she’s also one tough cookie when it comes to recreation in the mountains. “When we got into trouble, my mom would make us bike up to Island Lake on our BMX bikes, check with Gord or whomever was working up there, and then bike home,” she remembers with wide eyes. Boy, I was 24 the first time I made that trip on my mountain bike!

George Clooney has had a very interesting career. He has come a long way from relative obscurity in the 80s when he appeared in sitcoms like Rosanne and performed in movies like Return of the Killer Tomatoes. He has since shunned mainstream Hollywood to act in quirky comedies (The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Burn After Reading, Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou, The Men Who Stare at Goats), political thillers (Good Night and Good Luck, Michael Clayton, Syrianna, The Good German), and art films (Solaris).

Recently, I was asked to participate in the Toronto Library’s 2011 Keep Toronto Reading Campaign. This year’s theme is “books that transform us.” My job was simply to make a two-minute video pitch recommending a book that has transformed me.

Christina Birch

I consider myself most fortunate to be able to call Fernie my home and to have parents that are deeply rooted here as well. I cannot thank them enough for raising me in such a great home surrounded by a fantastic and beautiful environment so rich in history. Growing up in Fernie, I never felt the need to be elsewhere and understood that this town played a big part in who I was.

Christina Birch discusses her ties with Fernie and how it has helped her with her art.

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For most of us, the month of May is when we take care of the things we neglected during the winter season. We put away our winter gear and take out the summer and thoroughly clean our houses because in a month from now or so there won’t be any time for that again!

Since you will have more time on your hands you may want to consider keeping track of your expenses for a couple of months and see how you can “tweak” them a little to be able to afford some new gear, to travel or to achieve the financial goals that matter to you the most.

photo: New Yoga Studio in Sparwood, Maitri

Country Animal Hospital (CAH), Fernie 1-406-889-5535 or 1-406-260-1454

photo: Ahead of the Curve - Bob Maudie

Ahead of the Curve, 250-423-3423
Ahead of the Curve Physiotherapy, the Elk Valley's physiotherapy expert for custom foot orthotics and advice on walking and running, is pleased to announce that as of May 1, Bob Maudie will be taking over the practice as owner/operator Heather Kerr starts her maternity leave.

Community – the #1 reason people live in Fernie, as per the 2010 Fernie Fix Best of Fernie results. The next most voted answer, the people. Community. People. Both powerful influences in any person’s life and within any town or city, yet they seem to be more recognized in some than others.