May 2011

The answer you are looking for can be found during a vacation, retreat or holiday getaway. The Fairies know the importance of play and rest and urge you to take some time off. This vacation performs an important role in your life by giving you an opportunity to clear your mind and think about your next move. You’ll learn a great deal from this holiday so it’s worth the investment of time and money.

Taurus. (April 20 – May 20) Practice, Practice, Practice

Dartboards are made of horsehair.
Roger Federer is the first living person to be depicted on a Swiss stamp.
The Chicago Bears were the first football team in the US to practice daily.
Before concealed-lace basketballs came out in 1927, basketballs used to bounce all over the place unpredictably.
Though they look like dogs, hyenas are more closely related to cats.
Giant clams can weigh as much as 700 lbs.
The production and sale of condoms in the United States was illegal until 1930.

The online world is populated by the same people as meat space and resembles it quite a bit. There are all kinds of online communities . Some are just virtual representations of local communities. Examples of these are community forums and event schedules and so on. There are single issue communities, such as birding, disease support groups, recycling, old Jeeps, you name it. These can be as broad as conservatism or as narrow as a single hockey player. And there are broader groups defined more as a gestalt of their prejudices and interests than anything.

photo by Matt Kuhn

Community is an interesting concept that can be defined in many ways. Community is the town you live in, the family you grew up in, the family you created, the hockey team you play on, the people you work with, the elementary school you go to, and so on. It is the interactions within your various communities that help to define not only who you are but also who you strive to become. How can these interactions and relationships not have effect on your health?

One of the easiest ways to adhere to an exercise program is to become accountable to someone or a group of people. Additionally it’s easy to keep exercising when it’s fun. Trying to find your perfect fit for fitness can be challenging, so this spring perhaps you can challenge yourself by joining in with our fit community and trying a new form of fitness. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Evolution Health and Fitness classes: Sign up the day of class for Pilates, spin class, powerfit, yoga or dance. Get a buddy to commit to going with you to keep you on track. 250-423-3344

You probably have an idea of what ski touring is, or have partaken in this ever-growing winter sport. But have you heard of ski mountaineering or claut, as it’s known in Europe? Neither had I, and when I heard that James Minifie was competing nationally in this sport, a sport trying to become an Olympic event by 2018, I had to learn more.

Every year the start of the major league ball season surprises me. This year we were still slaying pow when opening day pitches were being tossed out on March 31, in fact the first couple weeks of baseball season saw our ski hill get over 100cms of snow. Needless to say even though baseball is one of my favorites I haven’t even watched a game yet.

Starting a non-profit community daycare was not an easy task, and many Fernie community members logged a lot of volunteer hours to make it happen. Perhaps surprisingly, many of them didn’t require early childcare services. But they did share one common denominator: the belief that a healthy community needs a cross section of people living in it, some of whom will be parents isolated from extended family, who require both partners to be working, or are single parents.

Intoxication. Exhilaration. Sunshine. Laughter. The sweet scent of early flowers and the sound of birdsong in the air. A heady mix of stolen evenings and sun chasing, spring is Fernie’s drug of choice and we’ve been jonesing since February. After what seems like the longest winter in recent history, Fernie’s golfers and bikers are itching to bare their lilywhite legs and get a hit of the greens and trails.