July 2013

Ghostrider/Hosmer Mountain Traikl

This is a 5km hike to the end of the rocky ridge from the Hartley Lake Road parking lot. Don’t be fooled by the length, it is fairly steep (880m/2890ft) elevation and count on three to four hours to the top. You will be at 2300m/7600ft at the end of the trail. From there to the top of Ghostrider and Hosmer Mountains it is for very experienced scramblers only.

Summer Portraits: Pets or Human

After this, things went rapidly down hill.
Photo by Caleb Llyod

Catching bullies out of the upper Elk Lakes.
Photo by Brooklynn Braconnier

Synchronized Fetching by Millie, Roxie and Roo.
Photo by Christine Walsh

A self-portrait I took in my studio to kick off my Fernie portrait project.
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

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Our mountain summer is in full swing and our gardens are flourishing in the heat. Kids are out of school, free from schedules and life is all about bikes, exploring, ice filled beverages, getting wet and staying cool.

Most of our awesome trails are ready to ride so it’s time to get out and explore the great network so easily accessible to us. After having the opportunity to teach mountain biking in Santa Cruz earlier this season, I realized how lucky we are to be able to bike from our doorstep. In Santa Cruz we had to do a lot of driving, sometimes up to 40 minutes to get to the trails.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: sometimes people are total jerks to their mayor and council. Here are some good examples of bad examples when it comes to communicating with your local elected officials.

Being called brain-dead by someone who cannot outline a logical argument in an email rant does little to create a cooperative partnership. Set your anger aside so you can make your point. We actually want to get right to the issue and work with you.


This month’s feature highlights an individual that while not a permanent resident, holds Fernie and all that it offers close to his heart. Specifically, Fernie’s trails.

Aaron McConnell is the face behind the infamous TransRockies, which he began working for in 2004. Shortly after in 2007 Aaron became a partner and he has been president since 2009. With a background in the business, having organized World Cup races in Canmore it was a natural progression of sorts and one that Aaron is happy he made.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her, when she was a kid, she wouldn’t even run for a bus!” My dad’s favourite declaration when the topic of his daughter’s relatively recent running obsession comes up. However it’s true, I didn’t want to run for a bus. I also have vivid memories of my tennis coach shouting “move your feet Abigail!” and I always came last in the school cross-country. Always. In short, I was blessed with flat feet and unashamedly a zero desire to run. Anywhere.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Inner Child
Your inner child yearns for nurturing. Have patience with yourself as you are growing and maturing at your own pace. If you are feeling neglected and unappreciated, most likely it’s been because you have neglected this part of you. Your inner child needs care and attention daily. Playfulness and spontaneaty will help you to feel refreshed.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This month's column is sort of an online TV redux of my previous TV column. Last time I wrote about various devices which could provide an interface between the internet and your TV. This month, after some feedback from plenty of folks who responded with, “TV. What TV? I watch everything on my computer,” the subject is online TV.

I believe that art and culture, in all its forms, are the pinnacle of expression of the human spirit. When societies crumble, it’s the cultural achievements that remain through art, literature, music and architecture. For me, art, science and philosophy as a triumvirate of culture have been a guiding light for my creative process. Writing Dying to be Born - a book about reincarnation - is just an extension of my cultural expression. The concept was spawned some 40 years ago with unanswered questions.