July 2011

Mark has been cooking professionally for over ten years and is equally serious about his lifestyle and work. After bartending to support his ski bum lifestyle, he thought he’d try his hand in the kitchen. Inspired by a number of chefs along the way he decided to get his chef certificate at George Brown College in Toronto before diving into a life in the mountains which has included a lot of cooking (Lizard Creek Lodge, Island Lake Lodge, Bulldogs and now Picnic) and a lot of skiing. When I met Mark he was adamant about sharing some simple yet crucial tips regarding grilling meats.

I may have touched upon this in the past, but some recent questions, and one recent catastrophe, make me think that it's time for a full length backup article.

Let's start with what a backup is. A backup is a copy of some or all of the files on your computer that is kept somewhere other than on your computer. If you make a copy of a file on your computer it's a copy not a backup. Backups are designed to survive computer failure.

It’s the end of the day, you can barely keep your eyes open through your favourite TV show, you finally get into bed, your head hits the pillow and…..you’re wide awake. While it’s true that some people have never had a sleep disorder, most of us struggle with sleep from time to time, if not all the time. Insomnia can be difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep but however it manifests for you, there are a multitude of causes and thankfully, a multitude of treatments.

Shoulder Press, Photo by V.Croome

Golf season is in full swing and I am often asked how people can improve their game and prevent injuries. Here are a few ideas to help you balance your body and drive that ball further.

1. Cardio

Learning a new sport is not always easy. Learning mountain biking, where consequences can be a little more alarming than say learning tennis, trial and error did not seem a smart method when you’re pursuing biking as your career and passion in your mid-thirties. A better option I decided was to become an instructor. Riding with exceptional bikers also works well, if you can keep up. As does taking every opportunity to ask expert riders questions.

The season is off to a great start with courses in the area opening in excellent condition. The greens are as green as can be and the ball is rolling smoother than ever. Thus, we have one less excuse as to why we’ve scored so high!

July is the month fly fishing in Fernie gets off to a fresh start every year. Millions of litres of fresh water flows down the tributaries into the Elk River as the winter snow pack melts under the warmth of the summer sun. Anglers, having suffered a long, cold, grey winter are keen to get out into some fresh air and sunshine in anticipation of some of the very best dry fly trout fishing anywhere on the planet.

I know a father who every night before his children go to sleep whispers in their ear: your destiny is to save the world. I asked him if he thought that perhaps he expects too much from his children.

“We have to. Greatness can only be achieved by striving for the impossible.”

Since he spends much of his life on airplanes, lecturing around the world, one day his son had the insight to sit up and reply: “No Dad, my destiny is to save you.”

Did you know that Fernie has a Water Smart Ambassador? Neither did I up until a month ago when Claire McFee posted some information on FernieFix.com. I was happily surprised, and even more surprised when I met Claire to learn more about her and this position. Why, you’re asking? Because she’s 24 years old, but don’t be fooled – she’s passionate, smart, and you’re going to be hearing from her this summer if your sprinkler is on all afternoon.

Water & Movement

Leap of Faith
Related by marriage to white-water kayakers, I am frequently on the edge of conversations about water - its shape, flow and its holes, lines and eddies. The allure of water on people is strong. The irresistible pull of moving water is liberating – a kind of effortless, floating motion. In this photo, the kayaker takes this freedom to the next level, plummeting with his aquatic vehicle over a waterfall on the Elk River near Elko.

Photo by Jamie Hide

Not much can top a beautiful summer afternoon of playing on the Elk River.

Photo by Kevan Wilkie

Each month we are in awe of the talented photographers that submit to 'Through The Lens'. Here are July's picks!

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