January 2014

The North American television and movie industries have often portrayed space as a safe, secure and comfortable place. The minds behind most shows don’t seem able to comprehend or convey the idea that space is an airless void, without gravity, sound, banana splits or the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Hello from the Patrol at Fernie Alpine Resort. We hope you have enjoyed the early season riding and excellent snow coverage. As the season continues it is important to be aware of Terrain Control. For newcomers, there are a number of different signs posted on the mountain that must be understood; on a powder day, correct interpretation is critical. Think of it like learning the “Rules of the Road.” For locals, it never hurts to review.

2014. Hard to believe.

Another new year! With another New Year’s comes another batch of New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions can be tough to keep. Common advice to improve the chance of achieving goals includes: sharing your goals with others, putting your goals in written form, and making your goals specific and realistic. On that note, I would like to share my 2014 resolutions with you, in written format. Instead of doing one big resolution, I am committing to twelve smaller ones (one for each month).


Last July, I drove off the MV Highlanders and into another world. It was 6:45am and the sun had just begun to warm the cliffs around Channel-Port aux Basques, the exotic sounding south-western terminus of Newfoundland. While this island, part of Canada’s most easterly province of Newfoundland and Labrador is not actually another world, it does have its own time zone and an ethereal beauty that will steal a little piece of your heart.

Snowshoes open up winter exploration; it is winter’s answer to hiking. Most snowshoe days provide a path into winter’s often missed beauty, as well as mental and spiritual refreshment. Snowshoeing has grown in popularity in recent years with good reason. First of all, the technology of the gear itself. Today’s snowshoes are a far cry from the old rawhide, wooden tennis-racket-type snowshoes that were associated with bearded trappers and nomad mountain men of 100 years ago. Many of today’s snowshoes are made of lightweight alloys and plastics.

The days when people held one job for all or most of their working life are largely gone. So, we all need to take some time to recharge our career plan at least annually... even if the word career sends you running or doesn’t feel relevant. An annual refresh can help you in getting, keeping, and building towards better jobs.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Inner Power
You are now allowing yourself to experience and express true power. As a spiritually minded being it is impossible to misuse or abuse your power. Feel confident and know that you are being guided. Opportunities will be presented for you to use and expand your power in great ways that will bring blessings to you and those around you.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Kick Up Your Heals

As someone who is licensed to practice two regulated professions, I have the opportunity to navigate through a life in medicine with a unique perspective. I see practice that relies on collaboration with specialists when necessary, and I see practice that strives to collaborate with doctors and other types of practitioners to create the best care possible for their patients. The truth is that not one of us can provide care that is the best care for everyone. We all have different areas of expertise and sets of skills that will undoubtedly help some but not all of the patients we may see.

The ski season is in full swing and a common question heard in the grocery store or at the playground is, “Are you going to the hill this weekend?” The decision, if you have kids, is whether to ski with or without them. For those with little ones in one of the great programs available at the hill, whether it’s through the daycare, the ski school or FAST, you can go out and enjoy your turns knowing that your powder monkeys are having a great time, learning lots in a safe environment.