December 2013

Beautiful Wintery Scenes

Winter has arrived in Fernie.
Photo by Mike Cotton

This photo is of my grandson wearing his best Griz hat and enjoying the best snow in the valley.
Photo by Faye Huber

This is a photo of my son, Oliver, enjoying the first big dump of winter, pausing to catch snowflakes while cross country skiing.
Photo by Jennifer Grebeldinger

Touring at Lost Boy. Still, crisp and awaiting our tracks.
Photo by Marie-Claude Lemire

Beautiful scenes of where we live and play.

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Vitamin K is an essential nutrient for all of us as it has many roles in the human body, primarily in enabling us to clot blood properly. We produce iron with the help of the flora in our gut, and there are many foods that can provide us with a little boost of supplemental vitamin K, such as kale and other leafy greens. Newborns, however, are born with a sterile gut, which means that they have no flora for the first several days/weeks of life, and thus are unable to produce vitamin K themselves.

“’Tis the holiday season!” says my daughter with glee,
But I’m a little afraid and less than cheery.
The calendar’s full with all sorts of events
These interminable parties don’t make any sense.

I don’t like this music
That is played without cease.
More Micheal Buble is not joy and peace.
“Look, look over there,” I say. “Can’t you see
Those people are fighting over one little tree!

And look at those presents. They’ve bought out the store
Last year was one hundred and this year two more.

And what will you do with them
Child I adore?
You will throw them aside

Luc Besson first came to the American movie-going public’s notice when he directed The Professional, a film about a hitman who adopts an orphaned 13-year old girl. The film grossed $25 million world wide and had a $16 million budget. It featured Jean Reno as the hitman and the very young Natalie Portman (who was 13 years old at the time) as Matilda.

Now this is the celebration issue of the Fernie Fix, and what, I ask you, is more celebratory an event than a wedding? This summer/autumn while back in Ireland, I went to a lot of weddings; well, four weddings in four months, which considering I’ve only been to one other wedding in my adult life was quite the tally. (I suppose it’s just a stage of life thing: my circle of acquaintance is now in its late twenties and early thirties, i.e.; prime marrying age.)

With the holidays approaching, you can bet with it will be more roadblocks set up by the RCMP. We should be thankful for the increased police presence at this time of year because it keeps our streets safer.

When Cowpuncher hits the stage in Fernie this month, there won’t be a dry armpit in the place, and the hillbillies will be alive with the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. With a leadman who broke his ribs performing at the Canadian Country Music Awards and a guitarist who has a penchant for getting almost naked, bombastic is part of the Calgary quintet’s DNA.

In December, we are infused with the spirit of our holy days by extending and receiving hospitality and charity.

Whether we light menorahs, kinaras or smudge with sage and sweetgrass; whether we tell stories about reindeer, or reflect upon the life of Christ, December’s holy days saturate the month with emotion and often a compelling sense of longing.

Whether you have been cross-country skiing for years, or are a beginner eager to learn, the Fernie Nordic Society has some new and exciting opportunities to get you out onto the trails this winter. After seeing significant growth of the sport in Fernie, the Fernie Nordic Society focussed its efforts over the past year to design and develop a new trail system – one that will satisfy the skier looking for a good workout, or the family looking to spend a winter afternoon in the woods.

Growing up, family members outnumbered seat belts. Sundays, all eight of us would pile into the car and drive into town to The Cathedral. Religion (Christianity) is an important part of who I am today. Growing up as a Christian, Christmas was a big holiday (holy day).