August 2013

“Why don’t you write an article about death.”

“That doesn’t qualify as light summer reading.”

“Alright. Sex. What do I tell my four year old nephew when he asks me what his balls are for?”

“Testicles. You are supposed to use anatomically correct terminology.”

“But he calls them balls. His Dad calls them balls.”

“Balls are for playing with. The organs contained within his scrotum should be referred to as testicles.”

“Oh, he plays with them alright. Drives me nuts.”

Summer portraits: pets or human

Dive practice at 5. North Star Lake
Photo by Judy McMahon

Speckled with Fun. Model - Tiffany Mckenna
Photo by Matt Kuhn

Liam enjoying the sunrise at Island Lake "Is that a mountain in the water?"
Photo by Mike McPhee

"It's now summer holidays and I don't have to go to school." Piper on the first day of summer holidays.
Photo by Penny Lowe

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Heiko's Trail

This hike might be one of the longest official Fernie hikes, but in my books it is the most rewarding. It is a challenge of approximately 23km with 2395 ft of elevation gain and almost twice as much elevation loss. However, it is very well built and the gradient is mostly moderate.

This month marks the third annual Wapiti Music Festival, which has become one of Fernie's hotly anticipated events of the year. The last two summers proved that Festival organizers have the magic touch and the 2013 lineup is just as exciting. To entice your eardrums, here is a rundown of the lineup.

Plants and Animals

I was recently looking through some old photographs contemplating what life might have been like for my Grandparents when I came across photos of picnics - simple outings along the countryside in the 1920s and '30s with family or as a romancing young couple. There really isn't anything like sharing and enjoying a delicious frugal meal somewhere beautiful.

For a tasty summer picnic sandwich, I enjoy this vegetarian antipasto loaf. It’s been a hit at a few potlucks and I can now make it from memory. You can certainly increase or decrease the ingredients to your liking.

It is hard not to be inspired by the abundance of athletes in Fernie and their amazing accomplishments, but you can find inspiration in many levels of success. I’ve always said that it is just as impressive to see someone cross the finish line in record time as it is to see someone limp across the line just under the course cut off, bleeding and bruised. Someone who has been out the most number of hours, has gone through the most devastating lows imaginable and still has the will to keep moving. It has the power to bring an entire crowd to tears.

When you’re seven years old, what do you enjoy doing most? Hanging out with friends, playing fun games, competing at events and probably in that order.

However you like to spend your time, tennis is a great sociable sport for life and it really doesn’t matter how good you are to enjoy it. With such major changes physically and mentally, kids have a wonderful opportunity to sample sport and see what suits them best. Their competitive drive begins to develop at this age, and a solution for well-rounded development may be a measure of both competition and mileage.

Support your local bookstore: love it or lose it.

I recently attended the International Sport Literature Association conference at Monmouth University in New Jersey. There, a German scholar claimed that sport literature does not receive the attention it should because “publishers still believe sports have to be mindless and poetry has to be bodyless.” The writers who impress me most manage to be both – equally of the mind and of the body, simultaneously cerebral and visceral.

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Seeing Wapiti bands around Fernie
Judging wake surfers
Ice cold cider
Food trucks
Clawhammer Press
Small dipped cones
Dirty flip flops
Apartment scouting
Owning multiple pairs of sunglasses
Music Festivals
Dinner at 3/93
The Livery
Big watches
Panama hats

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Not having a clever comeback when someone insults you #worst

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Fernie in the summer #topshelf

Wapiti News

More children are hitting the trails, whether it’s with their families or on one of the increasing number of kid specific mountain bike camps popping up in Fernie.

If you are planning to take your younger ones mountain biking, here are a few tips for you before you get them on the single tracks.

Bike - Make sure that their bike fits. They need to be able to touch the floor with tiptoes but be able to lower the seat for going downhill. It also has to be suitable for the uneven trails, they don’t need a high spec carbon ride but there are a few necessary basics.