August 2011

Using to search for things on the internet has become so commonplace that 'googling' has become a synonym for searching. But is it the best way to search?

One of the interesting things about Google Search is that it leaves out much of the human element when it comes to categorising the internet. There is an implicit assumption being made that if you just search everything that somehow what you want to find will reveal itself. This approach has limitations.

Early in my career I had an elderly gentleman approach me at the gym and say, “You know running is bad for you, it is like smoking!” I laughed to myself, thinking he was procrastinating doing his exercises by making conversation. Over the following13 years working as a trainer, I understood what he was saying and now know that he was definitely onto something (although I still contest that smoking is worse).

With your well-maintained steed in gloved hands with a comfortable hydration pack on your back full of the right tools after last month’s Fix, it’s time to hit the trails. But where to and who with?

photo by Mike McPhee

The Elk River and local tributaries opened June15 to begin a much anticipated fly fishing season. The above average snow pack held the fishing back much longer than normal and most anglers were finding success a few weeks into July. We were fortunate to receive the warmer weather in the last two weeks of July as it helped bring the water levels down and the clarity up.

“There are people who think that art exists for its own sake, but I do not think so. Art exists for the human species. I think that all of the people who love art, those who teach art, and all of you, should burn with the obligation to save the world.”

I am writing this column a few weeks before our family trip to Montreal. Lately, I have been reminiscing about my late teens and early twenties since I will be seeing some of my girlfriends during this visit.

Hot List
Deep fried pickles
Wake surfing
Local musicians
Canadian Indie
Ice cream
Main’ers on your townie
Roller derby
$8 cheese plates at La Grand Fromage
Getting married
Back to school supplies
Cut offs
Cold beer
Downtown Wednesday Market and Concert Series
Wapiti volunteer sign-up Aug 3
· The Packers got their name in 1919 after the Indian Packing Company gave the team $250 to buy equipment.
· In 2008, most retired NBA players were broke!

Trends in healthcare, particularly alternative healthcare, seem to come and go like wildfire. And like trends in general, some may be more valuable or appropriate than others and it’s up to you to research them before making a decision that may affect your health. I’ll talk about a few of the trends that I’ve noticed in recent months and discuss their validity, which will hopefully give you information that you can apply to other trends as they appear.

If you’ve ever watched or competed in the PPP, you may know who this speedy ball of energy is, as she undoubtedly passed you on a solo mission. On a more recent mission (the Elkford Triathlon) Laura proceeded to bike home after winning the solo woman category and heard, “Miss, the finish is in the other direction.” She responded, “I’m already done, just heading home to Fernie,” and saw a very confused look on the course marshal’s face.

In 1904 fire raged through Fernie and razed the entire downtown core to the ground. In 1908, fire took hold once again and destroyed the entire city in just 90 minutes but by 1910, Fernie was reborn in the beautiful brick and mortar that can be seen today. These days, we prefer to burn things up a little more creatively- whether it’s blazing a mountain trail on foot or wheels, firing things up on the greens or dancing with the fire spinners at Wapiti - Fernie’s Music Festival, August is one smokin’ hot month.