April 2014

Recently Florian Willer, this month’s feature resident, got in touch to share his accomplishments in dirt bike racing along with his interest in the sustainability of the sport and our trail system. Seeing as this month is dedicated to being green, I thought shedding light on this sport and putting a face to it would soften some of the negative views out there.

Flight Centre Associates
Amy Hare started her home-based travel agency with Flight Centre in 2008 and is excited to expand her business with the addition of Dee Hatina. Dee has worked as an international travel consultant and manager with Flight Centre Australia for almost 19 years. Along with her experience, she also brings professionalism, efficiency and knowledge in all facets of the travel industry.

We had the pleasure of visiting Maui, Hawai’i this winter. While there were many aspects of our trip that were amazing, two things in particular stood out as I put together this edition. The first was the island’s plastic bag ban. It has already been in place for four years, and is joined by the islands of Kaua’i and the Big Island, along with the City of Honolulu. As of July 2015 the state of Hawai’i will be the first in the US to ban plastic bag use all together.