April 2014

NOTHER SKI SEASON IS COMING TO A CLOSE – and it was a strange winter, indeed. A cycle of cold, snow, then rain. But much music was had, and more will be had at Fernival. It’s time to bring the dancing out of the bars again, and out into the crisp mountain air.

Thankfully, Fernie Alpine Resort isn’t resurrecting cheesy bands from Canada’s musical past at this year’s season closer. Although both Vancouver’s Daniel Wesley and Calgary’s the Dudes both have careers that span a decade or more, neither are as long in the tooth as last year’s Chilliwack or 2012’s April Wine.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at approximately 9am, two passenger airliners slammed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre killing 3000 people, including the 19 Arabs who hijacked the planes and destroying one of Manhattan's most recognizable landmarks. These terrorist attacks were used to justify two disastrous wars, one in Afghanistan and the second in Iraq, and to drive a truck through the civil rights of a large number of Americans, especially those brown-skinned.

If you've ever called up all your friends to help you move, depending on the many hands make light work maxim, then you've crowdsourced. Crowdsourcing is a fancy word for dividing up work amongst a large group of people. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is one of the older examples of crowdsourcing in the computer realm. I wrote about it in a column a few years ago. But tackling a problem by putting it in the public domain has been around a lot longer.

It always amazes me how fast the ski season slides past. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Robin Siggers was skiing 50cm on the Bear Run when the Griz gave us our first big snow on November 4. As of April Fools Day, that’s 147 ski days ago and there are still great weeks to go. By the numbers we’ve gotten over 800cm (27 ft) of snow so far, giving us a settled base of 320cm at the Main Study Plot. We’ve seen temperatures as cold as -28.5° Celsius and as warm as +4.5° at the mountaintop. We’ve also clocked 25 sunny days so far (not bad for Fernie) with more on the way this month.

I was as green as grass, far from a whole food chef or a holistic nutritionist. In fact the first comment on some pancakes I made when I moved away from home was, “Are you pouring maple syrup on your scrambled eggs?!” At 21, I bought my first cookbook. It was called The Teens Vegetarian Cookbook. I wasn’t a vegetarian or a teen at the time, but the budget friendly and easy recipes looked tasty. At 22, I started working in a health food store – by then I had put on some good “pancake pounds.” There, I met some of the most beautiful and influential people of my life.

Iron Creek Catering Company

Red Seal accredited Chef and owner of Iron Creek Catering Company, Matt Sorochuk, offers a unique dining experience within Fernie and its surrounding areas. Chef Matt has been a resident of Fernie for almost a decade and is thrilled to provide a higher end catering service to the valley.

Available at Polar Peek Books & Treasures in downtown Fernie. Polar Peek will also be at the library on May 2. Gail Bowen will be present and happy to autograph her books for you.

My belly is full of hot soup and fresh bread and I’m cruising down a hill on my new cross-country skis. They’re Atomics; it’s a big deal.

Perhaps a little overconfident, I swoop down the hill and around the corner after my friend Katie, who has reluctantly tagged along despite the terrible weather. We’ve just skied all the way to Island Lake Lodge in the rain.

I hit the corner, lean a little too far back and bam! I crash into the snow. I laugh as I pry myself from the ground, wet and sopping in my splash pants.

Aries (March 21 - April 29) Miracles
Miracles are occurring all around you right now. Begin to notice them, and you will experience even more miracles. As you relax and trust, you are assured that blessings are surrounding you right now. Be open to a miracle coming your way.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Playfulness

Do you remember Jump rope for heart? It is a Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser that encourages children to collect pledges and participate in a jump-a-thon at their school. To my surprise, 30 years later, it is still going on right here in Fernie and at approximately 4,000 schools across Canada! This has inspired me to help you get your skipping ropes out and get jumping this month!

Benefits of skipping: