April 2014

The hot summer sun is here and August is a great month to get outside and get sweaty. I recently just took up mountain biking and I’m in love. Life is about balance, so I am still continuing to trail run and sneak in some yoga too. When I get back home from a good sweaty workout in the sun, all I crave is something cool and refreshing… and I don’t mean a cold beer. Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. To make sure I re-fuel my body properly it is essential I have these key recovery nutrients within 30 minutes after working out:

Through The Lens

How rewarding - dinner from your garden!
Photo by Margie Sutherland

The water is rising in West Fernie.
Photo by Terry Nelson

Kelly enjoying some green while scouring in Bali. March and April remind me of spring trips south to find warmth, and returning north to spring.
Photo by Mark Pieper

In honor of April, this month's theme is Go Green.

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Five Cheap Ways to Spring Up Your Wardrobe

1. Chambray denim shirt. Look at thrift shop or local shops. This shirt over your tanks will give you a modern casual look.

2. Fabric head wrap. Cover your roots or greasy tresses with a fabric head wrap. So comfy. It's the new toque! Make one or buy one. They are cheap

As a kid, saving the planet meant trading in pop bottles for money. As a teenager, it was keeping the blue box under the sink and teaching my dad how to compost. I felt so superior to be the only one in my group to take my own water bottle and coffee mug when I travelled. Next came the cloth grocery bags and biodegradable laundry detergent, and recently it’s the conversion of lawn into garden. Although these tendencies are all very good and kinder to the earth, there comes a point when I need to stop skimming the surface and take the plunge to go deep.

April 22 is Earth Day. However, I tend to agree with an infamous purple dinosaur who sings that, “Every day is Earth day.” There are many things individuals can do to reduce their environmental impact on the Earth. This month, in honour of Earth Day 2014, I will list 22 steps for improvement. I challenge readers to choose three items to focus on for improvement in their household. Many of the items provide the added benefit of saving money too; be green to save some green.

1. Lower your hot water temperature a couple of degrees.

2. Commit to using reusable grocery bags.

Spring has finally arrived, and for Fernie and the South Rockies Avalanche Forecast Region, it usually comes with a mixed bag of adventurous weather. Our environment can become volatile in the spring, potentially changing day by day, and often by the hour. We can get hit with deep snowfalls bringing some of the best skiing and riding conditions of the season… Which can quickly change to 100mm of rain within 24 hours. Often we also see a week or two of high pressure bringing blue skies, above freezing temperatures, and some sorely missed sunshine.

Over 2000km from the nearest inhabited island and 3000km from the nearest continental landfall lies the mysterious and ancient Rapa Nui, also known as Isla de Pascua or Easter Island. Inhabited by Polynesians as early as 700CE, the island has endured through the ages despite slave raiders, famine, overpopulation, deforestation and many other challenges. Through all this, the imposing Moai, or Easter Island “Heads,” have stood guard around the island attracting, intriguing and fascinating visitors for centuries.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Ben Franklin

Although it’s not an area of the law in which I practice, in the spirit of fitting in with the green-themed edition (and also because I care about our environment) here I am writing about “green” laws. Before I wrote this article, I was vaguely aware that the Federal Government made some big change to environmental law legislation lately and so that is where I turned my attention.

As this is the annual green issue of the Fernie Fix, what auspicious timing that two weeks ago I moved to an off-grid cabin down an unsealed access road about twenty minutes from the outskirts of Christchurch. As you do.