April 2011

You are probably trying to get over the fact that there are only 3 weekends left of skiing… I am too!

This is a reminder, not a gentle one, that your personal tax returns are due by the end of this month, on April 30th.

For those of you who haven’t filed them yet, you have 4 weekends left or 3 if you will be participating in the Powder Pedal Paddle Relay Race!

Here are few non-refundable tax credits, and if applicable to you, they can help reduce your taxes payable.

Medical Expenses

This month one of the columnists asked how many “green” editions we have published. “This will be our fifth,” I said. It immediately sparked an interest, resulting in me going through the four previous April Fix’s in an effort to pinpoint what I took away from each one.

computer cleaning.jpg
Well, it's spring cleaning time again. How the heck did that happen? If you haven't done all the updates on your computer you might not have noticed that the time changed. Yes, it's spring.

In keeping with that theme here are a few of tools I've been using on my computer lately. Some of which you may already have. Some I've mentioned before.

Let's start with malware (if you're not familiar with that term it's a catch-all for virus, trojen, spyware, etc.)