April 2011

While skiing and snowboarding are the most common Fernie activities in winter and mountain biking in the summer, many Fernieites are involved in a multitude of other sports. Paddling, golfing, road cycling, hiking, and even surfing. No, Fernie is not situated near an epic surf spot in the ocean, but our town is full of hard core adrenaline junkies and we have two distinct off seasons in which some of these junkies travel to find their next rush slaying waves.

My first recollection of a recycling bin was in first year university in Victoria, circa 1997. You couldn’t walk a block on campus or in town without being confronted with one. Although the learning curve wasn’t steep, it took effort to get going, learning all the steps as you found them. When I travelled to Seattle a couple of years later, I saw how much further they were as my sister and her friends were taking part in recycling and “green” living in a far more aggressive and user friendly way.

After five months on the sidelines, there is nothing like that first post partum ski. Elated, you shred down your inaugural line, snow billowing around you in a celestial state of mind… until you hit an enormous death cookie. Your knees fly up towards your chest. Your bladder, shocked by the sheer compressive force, simply opts to let go. Your knees hurtle still higher, towards your chin now; and the only thing separating a passing snowboarder from an ear full of breast milk is your very chic GORE-TEX®. You are utterly soaked - but you stick it.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been a catalyst for change and a powerful reminder that just as we care for our brick and mortar homes, we must also care for and protect our global home- the planet that sustains and protects us. In 1990 over 200 million people in 141 nations joined in the very first International Earth Day to celebrate the biggest environmental event in the world.

You may be surprised by this month’s Unsung Heroes, for little is known about the water developments taking place right under your feet. Such development dates back to the 1980’s yet is seemingly a surprise to many. Including myself.

Casey Brennan is a Fernie resident known to many as the face of Wildsight, and thus a perfect fit for this month’s featured resident. What I wanted to learn and share was how this gem landed in Fernie and became the manager of the Flathead Southern Rockies program for Wildsight, among other notable positions and roles.

It’s easy to romanticize the life of a band, the way its musicians hit the wide, open road. It’s fun to imagine being welcomed into the communities that dot the way. It’s especially easy and fun with a band like Vancouver’s Willy Blizzard. With its straightforward country-folk, with its rich lyrics, the trio leads its audience down dusty gravel lanes and winding railways to meet the compelling characters that populate our vast country.

Interaction between nature and man-made objects

Inline with our Green Edition, photographers were asked to submit photos representing an interaction between nature and man-made objects. These two were our favourites!

Wind turbines are a perfect example of Mother Nature and Man working together to create usable energy. In this image, Alex Paquin shares the same powerful wind to create seriously fun times kite boarding. Symbiosis at its finest.

Photo by Lisa Dawn Gover

Inline with our Green Edition, photographers were asked to submit photos representing an interaction between nature and man-made objects. These two were our favourites!

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Jacqueline Fieldhouse - Sew Simple

My major craving in life is creativity: yours, theirs, mine. I find myself constantly marveling at how amazingly resourceful and inventive people are. I have a passion for the handmade, in particular repurposed, restyled, recycled creations. My obsession is creating something new out of something destined-to-be thrown away, giving a found item a different and unexpected use. I am a seamstress by trade. My main medium is textiles. Every day I recreate to make new, whether through alterations and repairs or through my own design and creation.

This month's Feature Artist has an obsession in "creating something new out of something destined-to-be-thrown away". Check out Jacqueline's story and funky designs!

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