Through the Lens

Capturing Weather

As the sun sets, a storm brews over Koocanusa. I love the texture in the sky and the cool blue tones of this picture.

Photo by Duane Clemens
6:8 Photography

Fernie can get some spectacular evening thunderstorms. This was captured in 2009 after a beautiful sunny day of biking and fishing.

Photo by Todd Weselake

This month photographers were challenged to Capture Weather.

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Interaction between nature and man-made objects

Inline with our Green Edition, photographers were asked to submit photos representing an interaction between nature and man-made objects. These two were our favourites!

Wind turbines are a perfect example of Mother Nature and Man working together to create usable energy. In this image, Alex Paquin shares the same powerful wind to create seriously fun times kite boarding. Symbiosis at its finest.

Photo by Lisa Dawn Gover

Inline with our Green Edition, photographers were asked to submit photos representing an interaction between nature and man-made objects. These two were our favourites!

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Winter in Action

Fernie is home to a host of many amazing winter activities, each with a different challenge. Here, Luke Nelson climbs one of the waterfalls in the Morrissey region during a cold spell in November.

Photo: Todd Weselake,

This is big mountain rider Ryan Johannesen shredding a very technical line at Island Lake Catskiing. This spine to cliff feature in on the aptly named Spineback Ridge just under Papa Bear Peak.

This month photographers submitted shots depicting Fernie winter in action.

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Portraits - Fernie Photography

My mother has always been my biggest inspiration. She puts so much energy into every climb. Now into her fifties she still pushes harder and climbs better than most people half her age.

Photo by Martina Halik

While looking for a forest fire in the East Kootenays, we stumbled upon this old abandoned cabin. I started taking pictures from the outside of this cabin then passed my camera through the window to Brad who was standing inside the cabin and he snapped a pic of me standing on the outside peering in.

Photo by Brad Zuk
Portrait of Allegra Newill

One of our favourite "Through the Lens" to date, these are beautiful and interesting portraits by local photographers. And this selection just skimmed the surface! Next month's theme: Winter in Action.

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Night Photography

Salmo Truck - I don’t know what it is about Salmo, BC but there seems to be a surplus of old abandoned trucks right off the highway. Out of all the trucks I found, this one had the most character. The curves are great and the rust creates great colour and texture, showing its weathered life.

Photo by Nick Nault

This month features night images captured by local photographers.

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Abstract Photography

We were on a sea kayaking trip in the Broughton Archipelago and found ourselves in the little town of Echo Bay. I had been shooting some of the moored boats sitting in the harbour when I noticed how the colour of one of the ship's rudder and water was mixing. Since the story was the colour for me, I decided to crop the frame in such a way as to only keep a bit of the boat for context.

Photo by Kevan Wilkie / [6:8] Photography

Burning Blur

This month's Through the Lens features abstract photography by Kevan Wilkie, Lisa Gover and Nicole Matei.

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Through the Lens - Dirt Diggler Photo Shootout Special with Todd Weselake

The 5th Annual Dirt Diggler DH fall classic fell on a true Fernie fall day - fresh snow, fog, windy and wet. Pretty much the perfect set up. With a bucket of Chubby Chicken and a night at Island Lake on the line, competitive spirits were high. After some recent maintenance by the Back Country Trail Experts, twenty men and six women turned up to descend the gnarly course. Five photographers competed in the first annual Diggler Photo Shootout with Lisa Dawn Gover taking the grand prize of $50 and a bottle of wine.

This October the Dirt Diggler downhill mountain bike race included a photo shootout competition among talented photographers. View photos from Lisa Gover, Kyle Hamilton, and Todd Weselake in this month's Through the Lens - the top three photographers in the first annual Dirt Diggler Photo Shootout!

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Colour Composition

This scene was at a rest stop in Montana. Complementary colours of faded green and rusty red were a classic combination, and the texture of the rust was an added bonus.

Photo by Janice Edwards

Simple Beauty

I love how the simplest form can transform into eye catching pieces of art by using colour to evoke real emotions. This particular piece of art comes from a simple plastic bead curtain and a green wall.

Photo by Lisa Gover / Lisa Dawn Photography

Two unique photographs utilizing colour by Janice Edwards and Lisa Dawn.

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Captured in Pure Innocence -Photo by Brenna Dominick

"How carefree they can be. Scout had climbed from her crib, to fall asleep on her dresser beneath the warmth of the sunlight."

Fulani Boys