Through the Lens

What does spring time mean to you?

A sure sign of spring is the start of soccer!
Photo from Fernie Fix archives

The first run or bike ride on Old Stumpy when the snow has just melted is always fun!
Photo from Fernie Fix archives

Spring means getting out to do some biking and hiking while all the snow melts away. One of the many magnificent views coming back down from Castle Mountain.
Photo by Brookyln Braconnier

For me, spring is about synchronizing with nature-the poplar buds come out first, then it's a race between the hummingbirds and morels to see what arrives before Mother's Day.

Spring has arrived and our readers showcase what it means to them.

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Community Through Our Lens

The community of Fernie celebrates Olympian Emily Brydon who helps support the youth in Fernie through her foundation, the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation.
Photo by V. Croome

Thanks to the hard work of community organizations such as the Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club, Fernie has an incredible trail system for all of the community to use.
Photo courtesy of Pat Gilmar

Terry Wallman, left, and Roy McLean, warm up before the Survivor's Lap during the Elk Valley's 2013 Relay for Life. The Relay for Life brings the community together through celebration and solidarity.

Fernie and it's community shines through in this month's edition.

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Babies Vs. Pets

This picture captures the first time Dexter saw bubbles. It is pretty awesome getting to see the world all over again through my son's eyes.
Photo by Cathryn Lennox

Here is a picture of Dublin having a bath "Maui Style." We didn't have an infant bath with us on our holiday so he had to bath in the kitchen sink. I think he looks like a hilarious old man chillin' in a hot tub!
Photo by Jen Wood

“I am Canadian!” My nephew Logan, 28 days old.
Photo by Dani Poupart

Roxy, enjoying some late afternoon spring sunshine.
Photo by Derek Ebner. Submitted by Marla Cannon

We wanted to see which would win - babes or pets! This time around, we received more pet photo submissions, but we love them all!

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Pets and Winter

I take Chelsea frequently out for walks behind my place at Miner’s Village. Boxing Day morning she ventured out on thin ice at the pond. I managed to catch this stunning scene of her, with the reflection of Mount Fernie in the open water behind, before calling her back on solid ground, safe and sound.
Sonya Caruth

Ripley enjoying the snow we had over the holidays.
Photo by Gerry George

Miniature donkey brothers: Hey-zeus and Who-leo, wearing winter fuzz.
Photo by Alicia Clark

Farley (our family's golden Labradoodle) in full sprint through powder in our backyard.

It's becoming increasingly more apparent that Fernie residents love their pets! Enjoy these winter shots taken for this month's Through the Lens.

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January 2013 Through the Lens

“It was around this precise moment last February that the inspiration to blow all my savings on a new mountain sled struck me.”

Photo by Martina Halik

“Just one of hundreds of shots taken during a five-hour flight through the Purcells, Gothics, Selkirks and Rockies last summer, that inspired me to take the first steps toward getting my pilot’s license.”
Todd Weselake

Beautiful winter shots by Martina and Todd in this January's Through the Lens.

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Sumer, through your lens

Diamonds in my Backyard

Heather blooming by Mause Creek Tarns in the Tanglefoot area of the Steeples Range. A wonderful August backpacking weekend.

Photo by Jennifer Gross


Tie-Dye Jedi

Cohen and Wes repurpose a couple of used-up bubble wands for a bit of friendly light-saber fencing between sets at Starbelly Jam.

Photo by Jamie Hide

Photos by Jennifer Gross and Jamie Hide, showcasing summer through their lens.

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Summer, Through Your Lens

Sean Janzen hanging out after a day of riding the local skate park.
Photo by Erik Zuffa

Bear tree in bloom.
Photo by Marie Wilfong

Sandra giving a bee a high-five at the ski hill.
Photo by Milo Alvarez

My neighbour’s kids asked me to mail this photo to you - "The Weber family and the chocolate milk."

I took this picture on one of our many rainy days and it just so happened that there was a sunny break for 30mins before the rain came back, again. The kids all ran outside and as you can see had lots of fun in the biggest puddle on our street.

This month four photos are featured, representing summer through your lens!

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