Through the Lens

Through The Lens

How rewarding - dinner from your garden!
Photo by Margie Sutherland

The water is rising in West Fernie.
Photo by Terry Nelson

Kelly enjoying some green while scouring in Bali. March and April remind me of spring trips south to find warmth, and returning north to spring.
Photo by Mark Pieper

In honor of April, this month's theme is Go Green.

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Outdoor Fun in the Snow

Buddies on a pow day! Jack and Wyatt loving the first snowfall of the year while teaching lil` Cohen (in middle) how it`s done!
Photo by Dave Hawrys
Submitted by Cheryl Paulson

Gwen chilling out on the West Fernie ice rink.
Photo by Marla Cannon

This is Ethan, having a blast on his sled this winter.
Photo by Raven Eye Photography
Submitted Emily Sauve

Our readers share their favorite photos.

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Portraits of Your Loved One

Our newest love-Mia!
Photo by Danielle Gibson

Our little love, baby Jack, taken while he was rocking out at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues music festival this summer.
Photo by Annie MacDonald

At 4 months old, our son August brings an abundance of love to our lives.
Photo by Courtney Haeusler

This is more of a portrait of the loves of my life: my two gorgeous boys, Jackson (7 months) and Mick. I am one very lucky lady.
Photo by Natalie Parr

This is a photo of my little brother Ryan proudly sporting a burgeoning lip scarf on his way up to shred some gnar.
Photo by Robyn Finley

It's the month of love and our readers are sharing their favorite photos.

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Beautiful Wintery Scenes

Winter has arrived in Fernie.
Photo by Mike Cotton

This photo is of my grandson wearing his best Griz hat and enjoying the best snow in the valley.
Photo by Faye Huber

This is a photo of my son, Oliver, enjoying the first big dump of winter, pausing to catch snowflakes while cross country skiing.
Photo by Jennifer Grebeldinger

Touring at Lost Boy. Still, crisp and awaiting our tracks.
Photo by Marie-Claude Lemire

Beautiful scenes of where we live and play.

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Cats, cats and more cats

Somebody was left out in the rain and is not happy...
Photo by Dann Bush

Storm is the Hosmer Mountain Cat. He aspires to be a volunteer for CARCA (CARCA is the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association, based out of Fernie).
Photo by Alex Millar

Milo & Rio enjoying a daily nap together!
Photo by Stacey Roberts

Trixi, also known as "scaredy cat". Afraid of thunder and strangers. 15 years old, a known heart problem for 8 years but runs like a rhinoceros for fun, like a cheetah to escape (but stands her ground to protect her territory from dogs and other cats). Owns the Silversides.

Storm, Trixi, Wang, Arwyn, Milo, Rio, DC, Farley and Sophie show us their best cat impressions!

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Dogs vs. Cats?

Meeka relaxes as the sun sets on another Fernie summer day.
Photo by Mike Cotton

This is Marley, fishing the Elk River and giving a kiss to the fish. Marley is 14 and loves the outdoors of Fernie.
Photo by Carolyn Marquis

Portia getting busy rebuilding the West Fernie dyke on a sunny afternoon. She loves to haul the largest rocks possible out of the water with her teeth!
Photo by Sandy L. Musclow

Fernie dogs love the outdoors!

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Summer portraits: pets or human

Dive practice at 5. North Star Lake
Photo by Judy McMahon

Speckled with Fun. Model - Tiffany Mckenna
Photo by Matt Kuhn

Liam enjoying the sunrise at Island Lake "Is that a mountain in the water?"
Photo by Mike McPhee

"It's now summer holidays and I don't have to go to school." Piper on the first day of summer holidays.
Photo by Penny Lowe

Check out our reader submitted portraits.

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Summer Portraits: Pets or Human

After this, things went rapidly down hill.
Photo by Caleb Llyod

Catching bullies out of the upper Elk Lakes.
Photo by Brooklynn Braconnier

Synchronized Fetching by Millie, Roxie and Roo.
Photo by Christine Walsh

A self-portrait I took in my studio to kick off my Fernie portrait project.
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Sharing your photos about adventure, fishing and fun!

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