Feature Artist

Although her Spanish was minimal, it wasn’t long into her little adventure before she was sitting behind a table learning to twist wire from artisans.

Pursuing your life long passion and sinking your teeth into costume design.

Rebecca was never artistic as a child. Out of a family of three girls, she was the athletic one. It wasn’t until 2007 she finally found an artistic medium that inspired her.

A journey with film at a young age has brought this film maker a sense of purpose.

A consummate professional, a beer enthusiast, truly native redneck, travel junky, and a teenager trapped in a 50-year-old’s body.

Thinking outside the box and to challenge ourselves with new mediums, new ideas and critiques.

There are many things about upcycling that I love!

Firstly, material appears suddenly to you, often at thrift stores. Sometimes I just open my closet and there is a t-shirt that will look amazing as a dress, or a sweater that will become a lovely toque. It can be any little piece of clothing: new, old, vintage or even just the inner fabric of an article. Sometimes it’s a full curtain and sometimes it’s just a napkin, but 100% of the time it’s love at first sight.

I was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and started getting into photography in my teens, but it wasn’t until I was 23 that I decided to pursue it as a career. I went to Collège Marsan in Montreal in 2010, and spent the next year and a half learning as much as I could about the art of photography. After I had finished school, I decided it was time to head west, to Revelstoke, BC, to see the other side of the country and all the different landscapes. I started off by taking photos at events at local bars and of my friends snowboarding and sledding.

My Fernie story began in December 1998. My boyfriend Dave and I came to Fernie for Christmas so that he could check out the place he'd bought, sight unseen with his buddy. Six weeks later, the bags were packed and we made our way back to this beautiful mountain town and started setting our roots.

In 2005, Dave was presented with the perfect opportunity to begin his own business and D-Can Concrete Finishing was born. It has been the backbone of our family ever since. Dave runs the entire work end of things while I take care of the office end.

I’ve been through the Rockies,
I’ve seen Saskatoon,
I’ve driven down the Highway 1,
Just hoping that I’d see you soon.

“Comin’ Home” (City and Colour)

Music was never something I could see myself doing. Before my first guitar lesson, life was about video games and sports.