Feature Artist

First crossing paths in 2011, Allison and Katie quickly discovered they made an excellent team and bonded over similar upbringings, schooling, sense of humor, and love of music.

Inspired by nature and doing yoga, this artist uses various mediums to find new ways of producing art.

A local artist's motivation to make use of things that would otherwise end up in the dump, a burn pile or discarded in someone’s basement.

Born and raised in Fernie, Mary prepares to launch her new publication Not Even the Artist Knows the Words.

One of the core values of the studio is education and community involvement, for both adults and children.

Re-using discarded materials in an effort to reduce waste, would be an inspiring Green art success story. But really it was much simpler than that.

Sharing her joy of creating art that she finds so infectious when working with children in this community.

From a passion for desserts from his beloved restaurant, brought Happy Cow Ice Cream and a culinary opportunity in the Chopped Canada kitchen.

Being born to create, the feeling has always been there for Marla. Whenever life got too busy, she put it aside for awhile but now she's allowing herself to play and create from within. 

Always loving art and creating, Wendy would spend hours drawing at the kitchen table and never lack for inspiration. She was fortunate to have been born and raised in Fernie and therefore exposed to not only its natural beauty, but also the beauty of the community. Inspiration was everywhere!