Feature Artist

An amazingly creative woman who combines a love of quilting, carving and painting in her vast array of talents. 

Local photographers Todd and Martina share what drives their adventures abroad. 

After graduating from university and setting off to the travel the world, an old Canon a-1 camera started the passion and his latest project to capture all of the residents of Fernie through portraits.

With her interest in photography beginning at a young age, this photographer finds it very gratifying when a viewer can connect with one of her images.

Never a particularly academic student, Kari found art class as a way to boost her grades and self esteem, but now surrounded by natural beauty, Kari is endlessly inspired.

There is a fluidness to metal. As pieces form and become tiny sculptures that are original and unique.

With his journey of photography beginning later in life, this artist uses people and the environment around him to inspire and evolve his art.

For as long as she can remember, creating art has been at the essence of her being. A place where abstract meets realism and where colour is so exaggerated that it can’t be ignored.

With an amazing community of many talented artists, ColourMe Fernie is a way to stand out in this exceptional crowd.

Illustration work growing out of her background in visual art and love of books. Collaborative in nature, illustrating creates opportunities for her to contribute to projects she cares about.