Feature Artist

Her journey of becoming a filmmaker really began in Fernie. She moved to this mountain town after a season raft guiding on the Ottawa River. Her boyfriend at the time was a photographer and had set up a contract at the ski hill shooting video and taking photos in exchange for ski passes. He handed her a camera… and so began her career as a photographer.

Performing on stage since she was two years old, it's become a very comforting joy for her.

With each audio/visual experiment he learns more about the process, about himself, and the world around him.

She loves sharing her craft with all of you; the pieces she makes come from her heart and bring so much joy to her life.

Who doesn't love the smell of leather, am I right?!

Some people love to read books for hours, Marcus just loves to draw or paint and find it’s relaxing and calming. 

If she wasn’t reading, or daydreaming, she was doodling, colouring and doing crafts. This hasn’t changed; even in school my favourite subject is Art.

Looking back, Chris knows now that he was blessed with something very special, something more special than talent - singular passion.

Like most visual artists, painting is something that she more or less has always done. She was happy to discover acrylic paints over oils though.

My husband Harman and I see the Canadian Rocky Mountains as our main inspiration for Harman’s landscape and wildlife paintings and my landscape, abstract, impressionist and floral stained-glass mosaics.