Feature Artist

To me, art is the second-best thing after time in nature. Through my work, I try to bring the outside in. I don’t have any rules or set methods, I am constantly influenced by our local landscapes and wildlife, and materials that are either found or recycled. It’s even more satisfying to use something that would otherwise end up in a landfill and turn it into something that can be appreciated again.

I knew I could draw and paint from an early age. but I didn’t start painting seriously until nearing retirement from my regular job. My wife, Bev, bought me a Robert Bateman book for my birthday and I knew then that painting was something I would like to do. About the wildlife art I looked at, I said, “I can do that!”

My woodworking journey always starts with elevating the natural beauty of wood into distinctive, functional heirlooms for one’s home. I’m a stay at home dad and happy husband with a passion to create unique pieces out of beautiful, carefully selected wood. I honour the tradition of my grandfather, a French-Italian immigrant to Canada who skillfully and passionately carved his life and community out of wood.

An abundance of artistic imagery and journeys have coloured the pages of the Fernie Fix. We caught up with some of the women painters, potters, writers and musicians we have featured in past to share their thoughts on legends, obstacles and inspiration.

I am a figurative, with a love for colour and movement. My work is about capturing moments that fill up our cups!


In the winter of 2018, hoping to help her mom get out of the house more, Sam joined the Fernie Quilt Guild with her, even though she’d never sewn a quilt before. That first workshop taught her many things. A friend had been encouraging her for years and now something finally clicked.

In 1979 I accepted a teaching position in Fernie. I moved here from Vancouver, not liking the city life and decided that Fernie was where I wanted to be. I think it was only a few days before I was off exploring. A long term interest in history and geology attracted me to Wild Horse Creek, site of a big gold rush in 1863. 

It was hard to initially think of myself as an artist. I grew up immersing myself in so many different sports and dedicating over 10 years to becoming a teacher and qualified coach - taking 10+ different National Governing body qualifications, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Sport continues to govern so much of my life and where I find true happiness. 

Looking at art online has been an immense inspiration for me and when travelling abroad, David and I are drawn to modern art galleries. I am inspired by cleaner, more simple images set in modern frames, and this is reflected in my work. I am constantly surprised that my creations which begin with an idea from a previous image end up as an entirely different work of art.

The Fernie Banner Project highlights the diversity of the artistic community of the Elk Valley and brings Fernie’s downtown to life, celebrating the imagery and identity of the city.