by Jenn Johnson and Keanna Webber

What do goggle-tans, mogul skis, and sun pits all have in common? Those are the tell tale signs that it is spring on the mountain. Although it’s T-shirt weather in town, there is still a lot of excellent skiing to be had in the mountains. Warm days and cool nights have created legendary spring skiing conditions!

Which is a greater threat to nature: chainsaws, bulldozers, motorized off road vehicles or the television/Internet? In my opinion, screens whether big or small are the greatest threat to nature, especially when pondering the fact that on average Canadians spend weekly 26.8 hours in front of the TV and 13.4 hours on the Internet (CRTC, 2007).

Photo by Henry Georgi

Most people harbour imbalances in their bodies from the activities they do in daily life without even realizing it. For example you might ski every day causing the front of your legs to be stronger than the back of your legs, you may hold your baby on your right hip all the time causing your lower back to be stronger on one side, or maybe you have an old injury that you have compensated for and never retrained. Whatever your habits, chances are you have imbalances in your body that can be a ticking time bomb to injury if not addressed.

Fernie is just one of those special places, a place that is still waiting to live up to its full potential while fully enjoying the slow rise to stardom. It is also home to some amazing local talent, whether it be Olympic hopeful Emily Brydon or even Alex Lifeson, guitarist of the band Rush. What some people don't realize is that there is a small, but growing, group of talented local skiers and riders whom are taking the World Freeski Tour by storm.

Each morning of the ski season, the Ski Patrol is engaged in ongoing avalanche risk assessments. Of the multiple daily chores, one stands out for its precision, tradition, and importance: The Standard Weather Observation. Weather is a key factor in predicting avalanches as it is a constant modifier of the snow pack. Events such as wind, sun, snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and thaws influence and create layers of snow with different characteristics. How those layers strengthen or weaken over time is dependent on past, present and future weather events.

Canadian athletes train years, weeks, months, days and hours to achieve the Olympic motto of “Citius, Altius, Fortius”. Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies has evolved over millennium to simply survive winter. Which animals have the swiftest, highest and strongest adaptation strategies?

After a day full of tough decisions - Snake or Red Tree? Concussion or Easter? Mini or Mighty? – it doesn’t seem fair that you have to make yet another pivotal decision, that could truly make or break your day. Where to après? It’s a tough one and with an increasing number of choices of where to rest your weary limbs and reward that well-oiled machine of yours, it can really mess with your mind. So, a we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand and lead you to safety, to ensure that your après can feel as good as the pow…

The Griz Bar

The curse of the traverse…