Congrats! You’re considering working in the environmental sector, but don’t know where to start. The good news is that green jobs are on the rise; according to EcoCanada, environmental jobs are expected to increase by 8.1% between 2019 and 2029. But before committing yourself to 2-10 years of education, it’s important to understand the many different career paths within the environmental system.

British Columbia has over 85 hot springs, the most of any province in Canada, and many are located in the Kootenays. For Fernie newcomers like myself, the Lussier hot springs are constantly recommended as a ‘must-do’ activity, and for good reason. Located just outside of Canal Flats in White Swan Provincial Park, these beautiful natural springs are right next to the Lussier River, with several pools of varying temperatures. 

With this recent spate of warm temperatures and little snow, the weather has been top of mind. While we don’t have a definite answer of when the next (needed) dump will be, there has recently been an in-depth paper published by Michael Conlan and James Floyer, that just might help us to predict when the “Fernie Factor” will occur. 

Love is in the air, and for Valentine’s Day the Elk River Alliance would like to showcase some amazing mating strategies of water animals. Most organisms that reproduce sexually display intricate behaviours that allow them to choose an optimal mate. If you’re looking to spice up your love life, consider taking inspiration from nature! Below we divulge the secret sex-lives of the Westslope cutthroat trout, mayflies, and the American Dipper.

On our southern Italy trip in October we drove across the boot of Italy from east to west. Our drive took us from Puglia through Basilicata to Calabria. We could not go through Basilicata and not stop in Matera. We just did not have the time to stay in Matera for several days to explore it as we would like. The best we could do was a brief stop to circle the main square in the modern town and to view Sassi di Matera. 

If you / your kids are new to cross country skiing, you may be interested in basic movement skills to get started. Below are a few activities to work on before heading out for a longer ski. These are easier to teach in person with skis on, but I have included pictures as a visual to help. 

What are you doing on February 16 and 17? The Community Centre is where it’s at for this year’s Fernie Mountain Film Festival (FMFF)! Founded in 2007, FMFF is in its 18th year and is shaping up to be another truly fantastic event.

As a very humble 14-year old in high school, I told my mother, “I am just not an academic.” It wasn’t that I couldn’t get the grades that my parents might have wanted, I didn’t apply myself. Simply put – I thought high school was boring and I didn’t care enough. Ten years later, I’m 24 years old and lamenting the fact that I have four projects on the go with two due Sunday. And you know what? I think I’m having a blast! As it turns out, I might be more academically inclined than I thought.

In high school, I volunteered as a youth lawyer to help kids clear their driving records by assigning community service. It was amazing to help people in real and meaningful ways, but as I got older volunteering lost its lustre. I began to feel that volunteer work was reserved for the well-off to feel less guilty about their well-offness. Now as Stage two of my nine-month Canadian Conservation Corps program comes to a close, I’ve learned that volunteering can change your relationship with work and re-route your path back to something that provides meaning in your life.