I turn my face up to the sun, feel its solid heat. Wiggle my toes deeper into the lush grass and the warm soil beneath. June is an exciting month north of the 49th parallel. Spring’s cool fingers are finally loosening their tenacious grip.

The Elk River is in danger of becoming BC’s entry point for whirling disease; this could have significant impacts on our local trout and hence the $2.7 M/year fishing industry. 

Do you remember summer camp? This winter I discovered that resort living is like summer camp. Most people go to camp for a week or two, we went for eight weeks and stayed in a variety of three, four and five-star resorts in Puerto Vallarta.

Developing a sense of community is important when travelling. As a long-term guest, you can feel community develop within the resorts. One of the most interesting parts of this community is the securing of the daily pool lounger. 

Spring is in the air, which is always a welcome feeling. The days are longer, you can feel the warmth of the sun as it appears more often, and best of all, we get spring skiing!

Slow travel is inherently green and helps support sustainable travel. Staying in one place for a long period of time instead of continual travel, and cooking with local ingredients reduces our carbon footprint because any way we look at it, travel of any kind is carbon producing and we should attempt to minimize our carbon footprint. Even something as simple carrying a reusable water flask and a hot/cold cup is an important practice. 

If I asked you to stand in front of a full-length mirror and state three things you liked about your body what would happen? Could you do it? Would you be pulled to notice what you do not like and struggle to compliment yourself?

The great thing about sport, is that anyone and everyone can participate. Choose your sport, choose your day, and choose your gang.

You also get to choose your attitude when you show up, and on any given day who knows what that might look like, or how it might be affected by things going on inside and around us.

Travel can be a powerful tool. It can expand the mind, satisfies the need for wonderlust and be an empowering experience for anyone, including women. My mother travelled by herself to Europe aboard the Queen Mary back in 1952 and again in 1955 with me at six months old. That was not the norm of the time.