New community-led projects in the Columbia Basin will support access to affordable, quality, local food for residents, with an emphasis on assisting those in need. Community kitchens, lawns-to-food initiatives and seed-saving libraries are just a few of the projects included in Columbia Basin Trust’s Local Food Access and Recovery Grants.

One year into the pandemic and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST) has helped hundreds of businesses in the Kootenays impacted by COVID-19 get help with digital transformation.

Partnering with the BC Tech Association was the first step in providing crucial 1:1 support free of charge to non-tech businesses in the Kootenays. The first Virtual Connection Day took place in May 2020 and due to high interest, KAST offered four more in July, September, October and January 2021.

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of interviewing many inspiring community residents over the last nearly 15 years. The benefit is always mine. Every month, I learn, am challenged to think differently, and am exposed to ideas, activities, organizations, and history that I would never have been otherwise.

This month, to honour our local female Legends, I chose some of my favourite moments. We hope you enjoy.  

People in the Columbia Basin will be better able to access community resources, build connections and overcome barriers through 42 projects that aim to improve quality of life and enhance social well-being in the region. The projects are being supported with over $800,000 from Columbia Basin Trust’s Social Grants program.

The RDEK is encouraging residents within the region to share their thoughts on the projects being considered for funding through the 2021/2022 Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs. 

The Elk Valley Regional Land Trust (“EVRLT” or the “Trust”) is pleased to announce the official launch of a fundraising campaign aimed at raising money to purchase large tracts of privately-held forest in the Southeast British Columbia Rocky Mountains.

Interior Health will be setting up a COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic at Fernie Memorial Arena, with immunizations set to begin April 12, 2021.

The City will be providing use of the Arena facility for immunizations over the months of April – September. The Arena location was selected based on parking capacity, wheelchair access, and square footage. Interior Health will begin set up for the clinic the week of April 5th, 2021.

Lately, I have thought a lot about women being labelled as emotional. Like it’s a negative attribute and something that should be discouraged and avoided. This has made me realize that people seem to have created a habit of commenting on other people’s emotional states. 

For the first time in history, we have a woman in the White House. After Hillary’s run, and after the Trump administration, quite frankly I was a bit numb to the event. I had almost nothing left to feel about the political events in the US, and then the morning of the inauguration came and every platform I subscribe to was flooded with images of Kamala Harris. Classy, confident and cool. Miraculously, I started to feel again. 

In a year that seemed like bad news was around every corner and hope was lost, the people of the Elk Valley stepped up in a legendary way. The Fernie Women’s Resource Centre has been helping the women and families of the Elk Valley since 1979 and we’ve never received support like we have these past 12 months.