Community Energy Association (CEA) is pleased to announce the launch of several funding streams to support the installation of DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) and Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

EV ownership by Kootenay residents, and visits to our region by EV visitors, has ballooned in the last four years. This increase in EVs driving to and within the Kootenays is a big opportunity for businesses, local governments and tourism asset owners and operators to attract visitors by providing guests, patrons and workers with convenient charging.


1. The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

The City of Fernie is experiencing significant challenges in supplies, staffing, and contractors directly related to COVID-19. Expect service disruptions in some areas.

Snow Clearing
All available staff and equipment will be working to clear snow during the forecasted winter storm event, with access to critical infrastructure and emergency services being our first priority.

I was having some difficulty thinking of who to feature in the Kickstart Issue, and Vanessa immediately said ‘Abi!’ - someone I never thought of because to be honest I typically shy away from featuring my friends. But, yes! Abi Moore knows how to get things started better than anyone I know, and since she’s off in Scotland for the winter with her parents, we planned an afternoon (evening) zoom with a coffee (beer) in hand!

The RDEK Board of Directors has approved $100,000 in funding through the Electoral Area A portion of the Elk Valley Mine Tax Sharing Funds to support the installation of a temporary bridge over Morrissey Creek and restore access to the Morrissey and Coal Creek Areas.

The RDEK Electoral Area Housing Needs Report will be presented to the community during an  information session next week. 

“We are excited to be able to share the key findings from the Housing Needs Report, talk about  some of the trends observed across the region and answer questions from attendees,” explains  Planning Coordinator, Karen MacLeod.  

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to learn about the risk and reward of being on social media from our municipal legal advisors at conferences, and I can assure you the theme is almost always risk. The high risk of joining closed Facebook groups, the risk of a complacent ‘like’ on a post where you didn’t read the article, and ultimately the risk of your future employment. 

Last Friday, December 3rd, a diverse group of parties united by their interested in Elk River watershed health convened to discuss the implementation of an Elk River Watershed Collaborative Monitoring Program.

Slightly over fifteen years ago, I met Krista Turcasso, freshly returned home from completing her MBA. We connected over our English Degrees and our shared passion for literature. She confided her plan of starting a local magazine with Vanessa Croome, blending her interest in publishing, her education in business, and her love of Fernie.