With an atmospheric river forecasted to. hit the Elk Valley, bringing up to 100mm of rain by Thursday, the RDEK is stting up a sandbag station in Hosmer and is urging residents across the East Kootenay to be aware and prepared.

“Food is a fundamental part of our human experience,” says Cyra Yunkws, which is why this Village of Warfield Councillor and Chair of the Warfield Food Advisory Committee is helping to increase food production and sharing in her village. And she’s not the only one. With food vital to existence, Columbia Basin residents have expressed that this food should also be wholesome, nutritious and—ideally—locally grown.

Leashes were intended to keep our dogs close to us and moving in the same direction in situations where being off the leash could be dangerous. Leashes keep our dogs safe, so learning how to be comfortable walking on a leash is a critical skill. 

The City of Fernie is asking residents to share their insights and opinions into city services and standards. Starting this week, residents can expect to see the City of Fernie's 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey in their mailboxes.  Letters containing a unique pin and instructions are being distributed through Canada Post starting November 21, 2023. The Citizen Satisfaction Survey will be open through December 10, 2023, with final results delivered to Council in January at the start of the budget process. 

Who are these caregivers? They are family or friends who give unpaid care to a loved one who may have a mental or physical health condition, chronic illness, or age-related fragility. They are the quiet heroes in our community medical system that help form the backbone for the health and happiness of many people. One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy in Canada was only around 50 years of age, but with improved medical care, hygiene, diet, and healthier lifestyles most people expect to live well into their 80’s. That means that more people will need care at some point in their life. 

100 Women Who Care Fernie celebrated their 7th Giving Event on November 2nd by raising $10,000 and then awarding it to two remarkable local organizations, Angel Flight East Kootenay and UPLIFT Community Support Association who each received $5,000 to further their vital work in Fernie and surrounding areas.

Tennis in Fernie has become an increasingly popular sport for all people and all ages, and it’s really because of the passion and perseverance of one very hard working woman – Lucy Harrup. Lucy’s efforts were recently recognized by Tennis BC, awarding her with the Community Coach of the Year through her role as head coach of Fernie Sports Co. 

So, just how did she get here?

Fernie area residents now have an option to safely dispose of used motor oils and antifreeze, with the addition of a new used oil depot at the Fernie Transfer Station.

When this goes to print, I will have been Mayor of Fernie for a year. That feels amazing to me, both that the time has gone so fast and that it’s only been a year. 

In my role I have recently visited classrooms and spoken to children and young adults of various ages. I love these visits because, while I have some prepared prompts, I almost never use them. The students have usually readied a bunch of questions that generate a great discussion, and it occupies most of the visit. 

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

Did you know...

A lot of insects hibernate? This is how many have survived for millions of years. It is how some are able to grow, and for others it is a survival skill.

Flies are capable of surviving the winter cold. The cold air drives them into shelter which is why they are often found in attics, wall cracks and window frames.

This dormant condition of insects during winter is called diapause.